Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tucson Weather is Awful...Should Have Stayed in Seattle

Thank you all for your words of encouragement for me re the loss of my dog.  I appreciate all the hugs sent and I feel so warmed by them.  Thank you.

I mentioned in my last post that I’d talk about weather in my next post and here it is.  I should have stayed in Seattle.  The weather in Tucson has been awful.  For example, rainfall so far this month in Seattle - .06, in Tucson – 1.86 (as of last Saturday).  As I recall, my reason for leaving Seattle was to get away from the rain.  This is a candle holder I have outside on my cement pad and it took two days to get this much rain… 

We got this much yesterday…

I guess I need to get a rain gauge. 

Prior to the rain we had two days of constant wind.  There’s a vent on the east side of my motorhome, the direction the wind was coming from, and it kept flapping…for two days!!!  The first night I finally had to unearth my earplugs so I could sleep because I couldn’t block out the flapping noise. 

Prior to the two days of the wind blowing it was terribly cold here.  I had to go buy a hat and warmer gloves to wear when I was taking my dog potty or for just going outside.  I even bought an oil heater, at the recommendation of the man who sold me my Alpha, and it helps.  Oh yeah, an electric blanket too.  I’m talking cold.  

Watching the news last night I saw that Tucson was 1° warmer than Seattle. 

I will admit that some days after the sun comes out I’m able to sit outside with a light jacket on.  Those days have been few and far between.

I’d be going nuts if I were still in Olivia, my Winnebago View, with the lack of space.  It helps to have the extra space that I now have in my Alpha, but I’m supposed to be outside, not locked inside because of the weather.  It gets dark so early and the nights seem to last forever.

Enough of the weather.  I’ve met some great people here in the pet section of the Voyager.  I’ve noticed that there seems to be more camaraderie in the pet section, probably because of all the dogs being walked. 

One of my neighbors from Alberta, Diane, wanted to take a class in glass fusion and talked me into going with her.  I went along reluctantly and ended up really liking it.  Here’s my first project…

Tomorrow I'm going to talk about MiFi...and how unhappy I am with it.

Hanging in There,



  1. Th weather has been a pain this year, colder than usual in Texas, also. My daughter is trying to drive from Denver to San Antonio today but all of the roads are closed because of snow. I'm trying to get her to calm down and hope that it gets better and she can still drive to meet me and her husbands family in San Antonio.

  2. If my choice was Tucson or Seattle, I think I would have stayed in Seattle. In time you may decide to go back. Meanwhile, I hope you get the sunshine you desire.

  3. Hopefully the weather will get better soon and you will be able to sit and get some sun. I'm starting to load our Alfa for our Christmas trip. It's been pretty cold here, and I'm hoping that Southern California will be warmer.

    Whenever I get down about the weather, I try to remind myself it's better than Minnesota! (I've never been there except for passing thru the airport.)

  4. Oh, i like that glass fusion, it is really pretty! Yes i learned weather in the south DID get cold. and then there was the damp to deal with, here on the high desert we may have chilly weather or snow, but not the dampness. It was rather surprising that i was not able to find perfect, lasting weather last year and was really cold in Florida!!

  5. This has been an unusual 'La Nina' year for weather. We haven't seen any snow yet (well except for Halloween!), and we haven't had to drag the coats/hats/scarves/gloves out yet for 'winter'. As I say, this too shall pass!

  6. I lived in Minnesota for 13 years, and hope I never have to go there again in the winter. :P

  7. Now this is ironic Jeana - here I am taking a walk along Sunset Ave in Edmonds (your stomping grounds) wishing I was in Tucson already hahaha! Guess I'd best check the old weather reports before I make such a wish. Keep the faith Jeana - won't be long until the tide turns there and you'll be basking in the 60 degree sunshine while I'm here shoveling ice inside a 20 degree icebox. WOW is my reaction to your first effort at glass fusion - it looks outstanding. Be sure to show us a pic of it mounted in a necklace! Take care, and please doff all your thoughts of wishing you were back here. Email if you get a chance - silverdollarjoe@gmail.com

  8. Your first effort at glass fusion is beautiful! You're going to have fun with that. Can't wait to see more.

    Our weather here at Quartzsite hasn't been too bad, cold at night, in the high 30s or low 40s, but we've had very little rain and wind, some clouds, and lots of sun. Still too cold for shorts and t-shirts, though. I'll be so happy when I'm in 80 degree weather again. Before we know it, we'll all be complaining about the heat. :)

    How are you doing in your new Alpha?

  9. I have to agree with you on this nasty weather. It is not always like this. And we always need the rain so I tell myself. I hear it will be a beautiful spring with lots of flowers we haven't seen in years. I will most likely be gone to the mountains by then.
    Love you glass.
    And MiFi yes it sucks big time. I thought cricket was bad, not nearly as bad as Verizon is. I lost contact last night trying to send you this comment and have been trying to get back on since 5 am

  10. Sorry to hear about the nasty weather in Tuscon! Lack of rain is one of the reasons we love the Palm Springs area for our winter vacation. Hope things get better in AZ for the Christmas holiday.

  11. We aren't getting much rain in Seattle but the skies are mostly dull and grey. Hopefully you are getting more sun in Tuscon!
    I love the glass fusion, I have one necklace/earrings set. Would love to take a class too!

  12. Weather there is insane this year! I hope soon, ya'll will get the weather that everyone has traveled for. I love the glass thingy!

  13. well, the desert can be really windy in the winter, and often chilly, with those sun breaks you talked about. Have you thought of going south, as in really south, to Florida? Winter there is pretty darn nice most of the time. Just a thought.