Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Are There RVer Types?

It appears to me that there are four types of RVers:

1.  The snowbirds who spend the winter somewhere else for “the season”    
     and then go back to their home base;
2.  The RVers who winter for “the season” and then go travel from RV park
     to RV park,
3.  The RVers who go from RV park to RV park because they live year round
     in their RV,
     and then there’s me...
4.  The RVer who spends the winter in one RV park for “the season” and goes
     searching for a home base because their house is rented.

Have I missed anything? 

I bring this up because I’m still trying to figure out what type of RVer I want to be.  I know when “the season” ended and all the folks I met at the Voyager in Tucson left to go home, I felt a twinge because I didn’t have a house to go home to because I’ve rented it to Kate and Mike (Hi guys…Kate reads my blog.)  That’s ok because due to the weather I don’t want to return to the Seattle area, although I feel a twinge when I say that.  However, I have a motorhome so I can visit whenever I want.

When I went to Tucson for my first “season” last October, my plan when it ended was to check out Twin Falls, ID to see if it could become my new home base.  I have a friend I worked with at Boeing who lives here, so I didn’t just pull this location out of a hat.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, that’s where I am now. (I prepared this yesterday, the 2nd, and was unable to publish it because of wifi problems.)

I’ve been here since May 24th.  I’m staying at the Flying J Ranch, a mobile home community that recently started allowing RVs to stay and I happen to be the first RVer to move in.  The spaces are large, some larger than others.  It depends on what size mobile home used to be in the space.  I started out in a double wide space then moved to a single wide space and I still have way more room than I would in an RV park… 

There’s a catch though…the rentals are for a month ($450) at a time but it includes wifi.  I think Twin Falls is a great place to visit and if you want to check it out for a month or so then Lanning is the man to call...

I knew within the first month that this won’t be my new home base after spending  “the season” in Tucson.  It’s missing a lot of what I’m used to and  don’t want to do without.  My biggest problem is finding organic food in a grocery store and a vegetarian restaurant or two.  I’m in beef and dairy country and I don’t partake of either since I consider myself a vegetarian almost vegan.  Talk about a mismatch.

What Twin Falls does have is a canyon rim trail above the Snake River.  I can walk to the path from where I’m staying and that’s probably its biggest draw for me.  I was stunned the first time I went around a curve and saw this…

On the way back I saw this...

Another draw to Twin Falls that appeals to a bunch of people, but me as just an observer, is the Perrine Bridge...

that people base jump off.  The bridge is 486’ above the Snake River and it took my breath away the first time I saw someone jump off of it…

The "jumper"on the far right is climbing over the railing 

The jumper has jumped.  Where's the parachute????

Phew...it opened

Another negative for me is the wind.  There seems to be a theme here concerning me and wind.  I’m finding way too much of it on and off the road. A number of people have informed me that Idaho is just windy.  

I guess I’ll have to keep looking for my new home base.  Maybe instead of Seattle being my home base and going to Tucson for the winter, Tucson should be my home base and I go somewhere for the summer…like Seattle!!!

I keep having thoughts flash through my head and a bizarre one just went through…with pictures.  I saw me driving my motorhome with an anchor dragging behind it.  My interpretation is that I want to do both…RV and have a permanent home base. 

I love living in my Alfa.  When it isn’t windy I think I like driving it.  Even though I’ve driven it more than 1,000 miles, I don’t think I’ve reached a place where I’m totally comfortable driving it…yet.   

I haven’t been able to sell my Winnebago View and because of gas prices I’m thinking of driving to Tucson and switching RVs.  How crazy is that?  In a way, at least for me, it makes sense.  Live in the Alfa and take short trips in the View.  Hmmmm, that might work.

I’m paid up here in Twin Falls until July 24th.   I don’t think I’m going to make it.  I’m feeling antsy and I think I’m ready to leave.  I need to rent a trailer for my Volvo and then I’m off. 

I guess…bottom line…I’m just an RVer...in training.

Lovin’ the Sunshine,



  1. Don't forget those of us that change our home base every three months or so by volunteering at National Wildlife Refuges. :)

  2. Great blog!! Hits on lots of things i am feeling. Want to travel and see & DO, BUT i REALLY like my house & having a home base. Unlike you i can't get rid of "my stuff" I know, i know, it is just stuff!!! But it is MY stuff & all has a story & feelings attached :) Take care!! I fleetingly thought i could stop & met you as i am going to be thru there on the 11th, but you will more than likely be gone....

  3. And also those of us who never stay in RV parks but boondock fulltime in National Forest or BLM land.

  4. HA Annie, I was going to say the same thing. Cute minds, etc.

    Jeana, in your absence, Google put Word Verification back up. Did you want it there?

  5. Go north! I spent 30 plus years in Northern Idaho and would go back in a minute if life led that way. The summers are truly beautiful, there are lots of natural foods/organic farms/ lots of "stuff" if you need a city in Spokane, lots of natural beauty everywhere, water clean enough to swim in, mountains, rivers, lakes and really nice small towns. You might at least check it out. Winters are cold and snowy, but not as gray as Seattle. OF course, you would go south for the winter and north for the summer "season". Moscow is a great college town, quiet but pretty with a great food coop. Sandpoint is gorgeous and full of all that you might want in the way of organic food and good restaurants and like minded people. Welll...just a thought.

    1. dang....you got that word thing going on. Good thing I was so wordy and didn't want to lose it and REALLY wanted to comment or I would have just let it go on by! :)

  6. I need to have a home base as well so I ended up back in PA where most of my kids live, but I'd LIKE to be spending about 8 mo out of the year in my rv, going around, doing my painting. I remember Snake River from driving semi with my hubby, but of course never got to explore the area at the time. I have friends who live in northern ID, back in the boonies, living off the land, no utilities, raising 10 children. How's that for boon docking, lol. They love it, beautiful country!

  7. As the good Luck Ducks and Sue have said, the word verification is back on. Some of us will not leave comments if it is.

  8. It's horrible but used Winnebago View prices hav e tumbled $20k or more from where they were last spring.

  9. Jeana! I missed you! I've been wondering where you have been. I feel honored to be mentioned in your blog :). Idaho looks beautiful! I admire your adventureous spirit and execution of that spirit in your RVing odyssey. We are looking forward to seeing you when you meander into the neighborhood. For the first time, we have had seven days of no rain!!! I too am still shocked.

    Wind can be scary, and I can only imagine the stress with the length of your new McMansion. I'll have to mull over some nicknames (I can come up with some pretty funny ones) and email them to you. Remember what you may think is whining, I see as good observations, and can be helpful to someone contemplating what you are doing in your retirement years.

    You are also a local celebrity! There was an add for Shine in the Bellevue Register, and you were in it. I saved the copy of it as inspiration/motivation for me!

    Keep on bloggin', posting those awesome pics, and we'll see you soon!
    Hugs, Kate