Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This is Not Something I Wanted on My RV Learning Curve...GRRR

My euphoria from yesterday was wiped out today.  I’d driven through St. George, UT, passed an Arizona DPS car at the beginning of a lane closure on I-15 when a sign flashed on to turn my engine off!!!  Then a sign flashed on that the antifreeze was hot and turn my engine off!!!  I think I was in the area of the Virgin River Gorge, so in addition to one lane being closed, there wasn’t much shoulder to pull off onto.  Then a second sign came on to turn my engine off!!!  One picture of the engine was blue and the other one was red and I was really nervous.  Fortunately, things opened up a bit and I was able to pull off.  How come things like this don’t happen on the straight and narrow in the middle of the wide open? 

First thing I tried calling Good Sam and their menu wouldn’t work.  So I called 911 and explained what happened.  They sent out an AZ DOT man to help and he called Good Sam for me.   I got a serious run around from them with the end result being that I don’t have Good Sam Roadside Assistance.  I’m wondering what they did with the money they accepted for my payment.  I need to check into that when this is over with. 

Dick, the AZ DOT man, called a tow company in St. George that he was familiar with and got a quote of $750 to tow my motorhome and car to St. George.  Yikes.  It could have been $1200 but the fact that I have a diesel pusher wasn’t mentioned so they honored the estimate given to Dick and relayed to me.  Don, from Bracken’s Auto Tech and Tires was my hero.  First, he checked my fluids and everything was fine.  Then he checked the engine and found a broken fan belt.  AARGH.  It took forever to get my motorhome ready to tow and I felt sorry for Don outside in the 100+ degrees while I sat inside my generator cooled motorhome.  Speaking of generators, I wish mine was quieter, but I’ll take the noise to have some coolness.  Don got me and my vehicles to St. George in one piece and I’m very grateful to him. What a sorry sight...

I was worried about rattlesnakes so I didn't walk too far away which is why the picture is the way it is.

So I’m sitting inside my cool motorhome in 100+ degrees waiting for the verdict at Southwest Diesel Service in St. George, UT.  I was supposed to be through Las Vegas and part way into Arizona.   My car and auto transporter are inside their yard, I’m hooked up to water and my slides are out!!!  I have wine chilling in the refrigerator and it’s going to taste so good later.

I guess it’s a good thing I stayed at Flying J last night…maybe it will put a dent in what this is going to cost me.  Yeah, right.

I saw the fan belt after Darren pulled it out and it was broken.   Does rubber break?  Maybe I mean split.  Anyway, it isn’t in one piece.  Hopefully that’s all that’s wrong and nothing major caused it to tear.  That’s what I was looking for…the word tear.  I think. 

Reading the comments from yesterday’s post I was surprised that so many of you thought driving six hours was a lot.  Maybe I’ve driven so many hours in my car that I don’t know how to drive less.  I stopped around 1:00 PM yesterday and ended up having a lot of time to kill.  Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post…at least I had a lot of traffic to watch…on the freeway and in the Flying J parking lot.  Maybe I need to leave later instead of first thing in the morning…around 7:00 AM.

I wish I could have made it to Tucson before this happened especially since I’m going to park it and hit the road in my smaller motorhome.  Now I’m not sure I even want to get back on the road.  However, I looked at the future temps in Tucson and I don’t want to stay there so I will get back on the road and head for the cooler temps in Washington.

I have new followers and I apologize for not acknowledging you.  I’ve kept a list since I started my blog so that I can keep a record of who I’ve acknowledged and who I haven’t.  I’ve misplaced it and I don’t know where I left off.  Please bear with me because I’ll look for it when I’m settled and thank you individually for joining me on my journey.  In the meantime, thanks for joining me.

Feeling frazzled and probably broke,





  1. Take a deep breathe! Breakdowns happen to all of us, and while it's nerve wracking when it's happening eventually things work out. Remember, you're retired. :)

  2. Oh, geez, sorry this had to happen to you, but one step at a time and you will get thru it, wine sounds wonderful!!!

  3. things could have been much worse..hopefully the repair will be done quickly and you can be on your way to cooler states!!.enjoy the wine! deserve a glass or two!!

  4. Oh my goodness, frazzled is too light a word for what I would be feeling. Wondering what in the world happened with the Good Sam Roadside Assistance??? geez. And double geez...we are in Twin Falls and you are now gone! Sitting here tonight actually in Village of Trees and will go to town tomorrow to see the waterfall.

  5. I have two roadside services! Broke down in Arkansas. Called for a tow truck. Took AllState an entire day to find a truck capable of towing a small ClassC. My insurance co pays up to 17 miles only. The garage I was going to was 24 miles away. Long story short, I had to find another garage, he came out, put transmission fluids in my tranny & I was able to limp to his shop, which was 12 miles away. But it's soooo expensive to have these things towed! Man-o-man...I feel your pain. I was stuck for 12 days.

  6. So sorry to hear of your trouble. Hopefully it is just the fan belt and you will be on your way in no time.

  7. The guys (and gals) on the Alfa Yahoo groups might be able to help you, particularly the if nothing else getting involved with the groups would give you some back up so you are not so alone.

  8. OK so, first of all, sorry that this happened. It sucks. I'll give you that.
    But, you're safe and sound, didn't get nailed by a rattler, and parts are on their way, if not already there.
    Just tow the little RV behind the big one! There, problem solved. ( he says with a smirk )

  9. Hi again, Jeana. Your comment and your profile don't have an email address to answer ( no reply is what comes up when I attempt to answer your comments). so...we will be home on August 12 in the late afternoon. Should be around (with adjustments for my work schedule) if you are in the area after then. Send me an email directly so that we can communicate.

  10. I’m relieved you were able to get out of the situation safely. When travelling, it is important to always keep a peaceful mind, especially being the pilot of the RV and the only adult there your son can count on. But you did well, really. I think you should keep a note of emergency numbers on the sun visor. So you wouldn’t forget them, just in case the situation becomes too much for you to handle. ;)

  11. Well, we can’t really avoid urgent situations like this. It’s also normal to feel frustrated once you stuck in that kind of area. Of course, you’re expecting to have a very nice trip, right? But then, it’s okay. What’s important is that you were able to move on after what happened. I hope your next trip would really be awesome! Take care! ;)