Monday, November 14, 2011

Chilly and Wet in Tucson

Well, I’m back in the Laundromat at the Voyager RV Park.  If it weren’t for not having any clean clothes to wear  I wouldn’t be here and it appears that I wouldn’t be writing another post.  I need to do better and remind myself that's it's ok to write outside of the laundromat!!

I’m missing some things from home…my backyard and laundry room.  Early in the morning when I have to take Big Guy out for his morning constitutional I REALLY miss my backyard.  Back home it was so easy just opening the door and letting him out while still in my robe.  Now I have to get dressed before we go out and it’s cold out there...winter coat and gloves cold.  We take a number of walks throughout the day and I have to admit that I’m enjoying the time with him.  He seems to be walking better, too.  Plus, he likes all the other dogs.  It's just that the first walk of the day is a bit of a challenge.

I have no room for a hamper so my dirty clothes end up in a plastic bag on the floor of the shower.  At least I’ve figured out a place for them so they’re out of the way…until I want to take a shower and I do that quite regularly so it’s almost a daily issue.

Olivia is getting smaller and smaller every day.  I’m looking at maybe purchasing a 40’ diesel pusher Itasca Horizon.  Talk about room…wow.  There’s so much basement storage compared to what I don’t have now.  The amount of storage inside boggles my mind since I’m used to not having much.  I’ve tried to make Olivia work for me but I truly think she’s too small for full timing.

We’ve had a couple days where it was colder here than in Seattle.  How unfair is that?  I left Seattle for better weather and some days here have been a real challenge.  Yesterday, for instance.  We had almost half an inch of rain!! 

Unfortunately, the heater in Olivia is quite noisy.  The few nights that it got down in the 30s and 40s I ended up turning the heat off because it was keeping me awake…it’s that noisy.  At least I had a heavy quilt and enough blankets to keep warm.  My dog didn’t complain so I guess his fur is thick enough.  The Itasca I’m looking at has the heater in the floor and I’m making sure it doesn’t make any noise.  That could be a deal breaker for me.

I got my long winter coat and jacket out of storage and the only place to hang them is on the bathroom door.  My closet is too short for the coat and too full for the jacket.

I think I forgot to mention that the Itasca I’m looking at has a washer/dryer combo!!!!!  It also has a built in vacuum and a sleep number mattress, which means no more climbing up a ladder at night.  Hallelujah. 

I’m trying to be thoughtful when it comes to getting a different motorhome.  A bedroom is a requirement, as is a washer/dryer combo.  I was interested in a 38’ gas motorhome until I drove it.  It was noisy.  Then I went right out and drove the diesel and what a difference.  There were some things I liked more in the gas motorhome, like the size and placement of the TV, but I don’t watch TV enough to go back to the gas model.  I guess the Itasca has satellite TV but at $44/month I don’t think so.  I’m so ornery that I refuse to have to pay to watch TV.  We get free basic cable where I’m at and I enjoyed Public Television for a few days but haven’t been able to get a signal for awhile, so I guess no more Public Television.

While a built in vacuum isn’t a requirement I won’t turn it down.  Right now when it’s time to vacuum I have to go to storage to get my vacuum and that’s a real pain. 

Speaking of storage.  The longer my stuff is in storage the less hold it has on me and I’m ready to downsize even more.  Since I ended up not renting a house and living in Olivia, a lot of what I brought isn’t needed so it’s time to do more downsizing.  If I end up with a larger motorhome I’ll have room for some of it, but not much.  I have an outdoor wicker rocking  chair I really like and I’m hoping it will fit in the basement storage so that I can take it with me.  It’s so much more comfortable than the rocker I got at Camping World. 

I forgot to mention that I have a neighbor who was a GM mechanic for over 20 years.  He and his wife went with me to look at the motorhome I want and with a few minor fixes he says it’s ok.  We’re going to go look at a few more tomorrow just to make sure this is the right one.  I really enjoyed driving the Itasca so I guess I’m over my fear of driving Class A’s.  That feels really good.  Having that fear out of the way will enable me to tow my Volvo, which solves the problem of what to do with it.  If I keep Olivia that will continue to be a problem and as I’ve said in the past, I don’t want to get rid of my Volvo.

My clothes are dry so it’s time to go.  More later.

Missing the sunshine,


P.S.  I just read your comment, Lynn, on my last post.  I'm looking at this first year as my RV learning curve.  I've debated about whether to buy a park model or not and right now it's not.  I've been pretty disappointed in the weather here so far so I might not come back next year.  Maybe Florida.  Maybe California.  Who knows.  


  1. Sounds like you're about ready to make a big decision. So many people have said their first rig was the learning rig - learning exactly what is and isn't working for them - then they end up with the second rig which is just what they want. Having a bigger rig will solve so many of the issues you have with Olivia. I can't wait to see what happens next. :) PS - I'll bet all the walking is good for your dog, exercising those old muscles, and also the socializing with other dogs is good for him too. That's great! Have you told us what his name is?

  2. I'll be interested to see what your decision is.

  3. very interested in what you decide to do! will know the right rig when you find it!..sounds like the 40 footer is at the top of your list!!

  4. I will be interested to see what you purchase, since I am in the "figuring it out" phase. Im pretty sure it will be a Class A, just don't know how long. Keep posting!!

  5. A 40' Diesel Pusher will be quite a palace-- room for the bowling ball collection, and probably even a bowling lane too!!! Good luck with your decision, Jeana.

    But before you buy, please PLEASE do your research on how to tow your Volvo. Motorhome Magazine's Annual Dinghy Towing Guide doesn't list any Volvo as being supported, and Remco's site says they can only be towed with a car trailer (meaning all 4 wheels off the ground and on a 20' trailer).

    I'm not sure how much of a hassle that'll be to tow that way, but make sure you're fully comfortable with that...and don't just ask the salesman-- he'll tell you anything!!! See if you can chat with some of the other motorhome owners around the RV park to get their opinion....ideally, someone with a car trailer.

    Good luck and get that sun shining again there soon!!!...I've got to make another business trip to Tucson in a few weeks and need some reprieve from the cold cloudy days here in Chicago!

  6. Good advise Lynne.
    Salesmen are out to make a buck and don't care what they tell you.
    But I wish you luck in your search.

  7. I agree that the Views heater is really noisy. I haven't tried sleeping in the RV on a cold night yet. I am certain that would wake me everytime it came on. It's loud enough to disrupt conversation and TV viewing.

    Regarding local TV reception... the JACK DIGITAL TV ANTENNA (#OA8200, #OA8201) is worth the $159 price. I saw a review of it in the October Trailer Life magazine. They recommended it.

    I understand wanting more space than the View has to offer. On the other hand, you'll be limiting yourself to where you can camp and even park. With the View you sacrifice space. With a 40ft pusher, you'll sacrifice ease of mobility and boondocking in areas accessible only by smaller RVs. Either way... it's a trade off!

  8. Jeana,
    I loved reading this post and read it aloud to my "esposo", Chris. It really brought back a lot of memories of getting used to living on a 41' sailboat instead of a 3 bedroom house! We are in a travel trailer during the summer months. We both love your sense of humor and and adventure. We are still in Vancouver, WA (cold, rainy...ick)but will be outta here after Thanksgiving. We'll be in Tucson for several days on our way to Mexico. Would love to meet you if you are so inclined. Keep living the dream. It is worth all the hassles! Sandy & Chris Edmonson

  9. I wish you the best of luck with what you find. I live in a 22' RV & do wish I had a bigger rig too. I'd like a super C, one with basement storage. All in all though, I do love RV living!

  10. If you need a good silent space heater try checking out this one or this one. My brother-in-law has the first one I think and he uses it for ice fishing and heating up his garage when his son practices the drums in the winter and he loves the thing. I hope this helps, Good luck!