Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Feeling Snarly in the Laundromat

This probably isn’t the time to be writing my way past due post but I’m a captive audience in the laundromat at the rv park.  AARGH.  I hate laundromats and I’m feeling snarly and I’ll try not to take it out on you, my followers.  It’s not your fault.

So much has happened in such a short time.  I unconsciously attempted to once again shoot myself in the foot but I managed to dodge the attempt. 

Shortly after I got here I really started to realize just how small Olivia is.  Not only that, lifting a 75 pound dog in and out of Olivia multiple times a day for a potty break is becoming a challenge.  But, he’s gotta go potty and he doesn’t do steps, so I do them for him. 

There are two housing developments attached to the RV park and they have “real” houses.  I drove around and collected flyers on houses for sale and then checked them out when they were open for viewing a week ago Sunday.  They’re all on one level…no steps…and have backyards.  I was thinking about not having to lift my dog in and out of Olivia, I could get my stuff out of storage, I’d have a garage to park my Volvo in, etc., etc., etc.    

So…drumroll…I made an offer on a house!!!  Whaaaaaat was I doing?  Shooting myself in the foot apparently.  Fortunately the owners didn’t accept my offer and I didn’t make a counter offer.  Phew.  Saved from myself...again.  

I think that all my reasons were valid but it’s too early to be making that permanent of a decision.  I’m not even sure I want to stay in Tucson so why would I be buying a house?  A larger motorhome maybe, but not a house. 

These are some of the thoughts I’m dealing with:

1.  Olivia is really quite small and getting smaller on a daily basis.  I really would like more room, a bed, storage and my own washer/dryer combo.
2.  When I leave here after “The Season” what am I going to do with my Volvo since I can’t tow it behind Olivia?
3.  Do I get a motorhome large enough to tow my Volvo?
4.  If I bought a park model here I’d have a place to park my Volvo.  In addition to the park model, it would cost $4600+ a year for the space, plus electricity when I was in residence.
5.  If I got a larger motorhome I could leave when it starts to get hot here and return in October.  Then I’d only have to pay a monthly fee and not the $4K for a park model.
6.  I was going to question whether or not I can drive a larger motorhome and the answer to that is a resounding…yes…of course I can. 

Sometimes my head just reels with all the thoughts going through it.  Let me tell you, it’s not a picinic. 

Another thing that is contributing to my snarly feeling is that a fifth wheel moved in next to me yesterday.  There are 20 empty spaces around me but they moved in right next door.  To me, that’s the hard part about RVng, people moving in next door.  Anyway, they left for awhile last night and one of their dogs barked constantly while they were out. Now when I go outside I have dogs on either side of me that go bonkers with their barking.  

I think I’ve said this before, but if it weren’t for my dog I wouldn’t be in the pet section!!!  That’s good information for my future after the inevitable with my 14 year old dog. 

Here’s the positive….water aerobics, Zumba, line dancing…so far.  I could kick myself because I forgot to go to Mah Jongg Monday night. 

There’s also a photography club I’m going to check out and maybe the Mac

Another positive…November 1st I was in shorts!!!!  That’s after I walked my dog early in the AM wearing gloves and layers because it was in the low 50s.  After water aerobics it was warm enough for shorts.  Whoopee.

I guess I’m here for “The Season” where the rents are high and all the spaces are filled.  I think it will be an interesting experience.  Maybe I’ll go where there’s water next year. 

See…I’m telling myself…by not buying that house I can think about going somewhere else next year, if I want.  In a larger motorhome, if I want.  I can do whatever I want.  If only I could figure out what I want!!!

Loving the warmth,



  1. Maybe you should go look at a few RV's to see if you even like the bigger ones? Will your dog do a ramp? You can either get a dog ramp or make one maybe? I know it would be difficult for me if I had to lift my dogs in & out. Upside is, on the smaller rigs, it's better due to rig height, but the bigger ones, especially if they have basements, it's more difficult.

  2. Hi Jeana, whenever I have to make decisions and can't seem to see it clear in my head, I take a paper, make two columns, and list the pros and cons of what I may want to do, It always seems to help seeing it on paper, where I can go over it as many times as I need to.

  3. I sure wish I could help, but we both know its not possible. I can't even make up my own mind half the time what I want.
    And see the house wasn't meant to be and luckily you discovered that in time.
    Yes there are lots of great amenities there but the cost can start to really get out of hand. Well in my opinion anyway.

    You did see the one Class A you really liked why not go to a few places here and see if you find one like it or at least close and play around with it, drive it. But like TexCyn said how will it work for the dog? Will he do a ramp?

    Anyway if it helps I hate doing laundry in those Laundromats too.

    I am pulling out tomorrow and if you would like to take a ride over to Gilbert Ray let me know so I can tell you what loop I am in. I will be there until Sunday am.Or longer what ever I feel like. :)

  4. Hi Jeana -

    So understand the disdain of the laundromat. Can you just come up here for the "hot" season with big guy? Making slow (slow) progress on the house. I promise to call soon (my phone shattered about a month ago, and I'm finally having insurance get me a new one). I understand your on again-off again with buying a house. Being a Californian, it is one of the things that freaks me out most in life. I know that sounds wierd, but it seems so in-attainable for me. Halloween was quiet - no trick or treaters!

    I understand the dog ramp not being popular too. My mom's service dog was not a fan of the ramp, and we even tried treats at the end! Keep on blogging (it was 37 here last night) :) k8

  5. None of us really knows what it is we want, and if we think we do it is because we don't have it yet! I dither every day about should we have bought a smaller rig. But then I go up and visit her and I'm glad this is what we have. I wonder often if we will ever get out of here, but then I think that maybe I don't really want to!

    I don't think you should buy a house yet. If you need to be in one for the dog, rent for a year.

    A bigger Motor home? Also consider renting one for a week or two before you jump.

  6. Can u even tow a volvo? some cars u can't. Can't tow my Honda Element awd, that's why i had to get another cheap vehicle....

  7. So many many decisions!! Take your time before making any decision. I don't think you can flat tow a Volvo...check and see.

  8. Have you thought about selling the Volvo? Your rig is small enough to unhook and go where you want for a day or two or longer, then come back and hook up again. That's what I do.

    When you need a car, rent one. Has to be cheaper than payments, insurance, license every year, repairs, maintenance, etc. Some companies will bring the rental car to the campgrounds.

    On the other hand, you don't seem committed to any specific way of life, and until you are, you probably shouldn't make any big financial decisions like selling your car or buying a house.

    You have the renters in your house in WA for a year - take this time to try things out and see what works best for you. I wouldn't make a decision based on your dog, though. Like you've said, he's old and won't always be with you, and in the meantime, see if you can find a way to work with the issues he has. Does he seem to like living in Olivia?

  9. Oh, my you sound like me. If only I knew what I wanted... I understand! and agree with others who say ... take this year... relax and let everything settle down a bit... you've had quite a busy busy time.

    Enjoy your new beginning ;)

  10. I too agree with Barbara. Don't make any big decisions when you aren't sure of what you want. give it time, things usually work our for the best if you give it time.
    I get those feelings too. Right now I want to jump ship and retire now, but force myself to Work The Plan, and wait till Spring to retire. Good luck in what ever you do.

  11. I think a list of pros and cons is a great idea..go with that first and then work on the decision making once it is done..good luck with the 'barking neighbours'!..darn bad dog people!!

  12. It's often hard to know your own mind. I certainly think Barbara had some good advice and also Sunny. It's hard, especially when you have a fur kid to consider. Good luck to you and don't do anything in a hurry.