Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 7th

My last two trips, in my Alfa, started out being very expensive due to repairs.  I was luckier this time and didn’t have any issues until Sunday, June 7th.  We left Bakersfield and made it to Fresno where I stopped at McDonald’s so Kathy could get coffee.  I stayed in Olivia while she went inside and the generator quit.  Yikes, please, no generator problems.  We need it for the air conditioning…it’s hot outside. 

I couldn’t get it started and just took off not sure what to do, especially since it was Sunday.  I noticed a Camping World on the other side of the freeway and turned around and went to see if I could get some help. 

Service was closed but they were willing to let me park on the street leading to their facility and plug in so that I could have power.  While we were in the processing of getting that taken care of I tried starting it again and it worked!!!  Since I had just had my propane tank filled the previous day in Bakersfield I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  So we took off and the generator has been fine since…phew.

Originally, I was going to hop over to I-5 but decided that 99 was just fine so I stayed on it.  It was a very relaxing drive and I’m all about relaxed.  I hate feeling pushed on the freeway and, to me,  I-5 is not relaxing.

On the way to 101 we spent the night at a KOA in Lodi, CA, west of I-5 on 12.  The signage for entering the KOA wasn’t visible until after I passed it so we had to go a fair distance, in a construction zone, past it in order to turn around.  The KOA was located on the Little Potato Slough and had lots of extras…a marina, a restaurant, and an ice cream parlor.    There was a fairly decent restaurant and the view was great...the water in the slough. 

Being from the desert, I really loved that the sun was blocked by the trees!!!

All in all, it was a good day. 

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  1. In our Alfa the dash keeps us comfortable while driving. Maybe not cold, but comfortable. Was your fule tank low? The generator will quit at a certain level. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe you were parked on a slant and it tipped the fule below the sensor.