Sunday, July 12, 2015

June 12th Post That's Being Published Late, Late, Late

There was a long delay on 101 this morning because of an accident.   A pickup truck went into the woods and it was in pretty bad shape.  I couldn’t tell if any other vehicles were involved. 

I decided to go to I-5 to get away from the wind but it was just as bad on I-5.   I finally gave it up in Albany, OR and ended up finding a space in The Blue Ox RV Park.  The only downfall was the lack of cable.  Oh, well.

Went to the mall to kill time.  Saw a shop advertising aqua massages so I decided to check it out.  My neck and shoulders were so tight from dealing with the wind that I thought it was worth a try.  While it won’t replace regular massage it worked for me.  It looks like a tanning bed and the water is in the lid that is lowered just above the back. 

Bought some DVDs to make up for the lack of cable.  First one, Ted, was awful and I turned it off after about 20 minutes.  Then we watched The Dallas Buyers Club and it was pretty intense. 

Something I had forgotten living in Tucson is how long it stays light up here.  It is now 9:12 PM and still light out.  This would never work in the desert because the hot sun would be shining for way too long. 

I’m putting out special messages to Mother Nature to stop it with the wind.  I hope she hears me. 

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