Wednesday, May 11, 2011

From Sunshine to Rain...Grrr

I returned to Seattle yesterday and it was sunny and dry when we landed.  Today it's back to typical Seattle weather...rainy and gray and cold, as in, 52 degrees.  It doesn't even feel like I've just spent almost a month in California, where it was in the 80s and 90s, because the way I feel today is how I felt before I went, sick of the rain and cold.  

I went to check out Olivia (my RV) first thing this morning and her batteries were dead.  I called for a jump and now she's ready to go.  I'll be gone soon if the weather stays like it is today.  I got a taste of sunshine and warmth and I like it.  In fact, I like dressing in shorts, sleeveless tops and sandals much better than knee socks, long jeans, warm tops, jackets and gloves.  As I sit here in my office, I have a portable heater turned on facing me so that I'll warm up.  Have I mentioned I can't stand to be cold?  Only about every other post.  

I'm glad to be back with my dog, though, because I really missed him. He'll go with me when I take off in Olivia.  

I have some pictures of the Palm Springs airport I want to share.  The only airports I usually deal with are SeaTac and Tucson International, so I'm not an expert on airports by any means.  But I've never heard of an airport with an outdoor section as seen here...
And here...

This is located between security (to the left of the top picture) and boarding (up the escalator).  

This is where I sat to try and absorb as much heat as I could before going inside and boarding the plane...

To the wonderful sounds of water...
Protected from the sun...

Somewhere between the table and Seattle I lost my water bottle.  The water bottle I had just filled for $3 and some odd cents because I had to empty it to go through security.  The water bottle that cost me at least $15 and was in my favorite color, purple.  It's not on the table in the picture, so I think I'd already put it in the bottle holder on the side of my back pack.  I'm thinking that it got pushed out of the bottle holder when I was taking it out of the overhead bin when departing the plane.   When I went to Whole Foods to refill my two five gallon water bottles this morning (where I bought my purple bottle), they didn't have any in purple so I'm using my light blue one temporarily.  Water tastes so much better in purple.  

This is a quick post.  I just wanted to pop in and say Hello and let you all know that I'm still around.  

Sunshine please,



  1. welcome back Jeana!!..sorry the weather is so crappy!..crappy here in British Columbia too..fireplace is on much for a nice spring!!

  2. I thought you fell off the face of the earth. Sorry you had to go back to the cold and rain. But glad your back to your blog. The weather here was real nice the first week then the cold came in and it was 28 a few nights, It warmed up agian and now it is freezing again and yesterday we had snow flakes. Oh well it will get warm soon, (won't it)?
    Where will you head out to?

  3. Welcome back. It is cold and rainy in Eugene too and I know just how you feel. Late last week they were forecasting some sunshine this week...I think they lied!! Well, maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, start looking for sunshine, somewhere, somehow!!

  4. A woman after my own heart! YES!! water would taste better out of a purple bottle!!!!

  5. I know what you mean about the rain. We got back home from Palm Springs about the middle of April and haven't seen much of the sun at all.

  6. That sky! THAT SKY!

    I'm here in Florida enjoying unhealthy amounts of sunshine on your behalf. You're welcome.


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