Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Too Much Emotion...Not Enough Blogging!!!

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I have been somewhere awful emotionally and now I’m back.  It wasn’t a pleasant journey, but I’m glad to be where I’m at now.  And, no, it wasn’t in Olivia, my RV.  Sometimes I get so tired of the dilemmas in my life and writing about them…therefore, no blogging. 

About two days after I got back from California, I got slammed with my yearly sickness and was out of it for a week or so, then spent a week or two or three just recovering from the first week. 

I also gained eight pounds the month I was in California and had to deal with that emotionally and physically.  Yes, I worked out almost every day and sometimes twice a day when I swam laps in the afternoon.  

Have I mentioned I hate to cook?  Before going to California to house/pet sit, I’d gone back to preparing whole foods like my trainer and naturopath suggested and then I just got tired of all the planning and shopping and cooking, especially for one person. Not that I don’t deserve it, because I do.  But I also figured out that I was spending 23 out of 24 hours a day thinking about food, something I don’t have to do when I’m on my nutritional cleanse program which means drinking shakes twice a day and going out for lunch, usually.  And, I had to locate grocery stores that carried organic food!!!  What a relief it’s been to not have to cook now that I'm back on my shakes.  I’m much better off if I don't have to think about food. 

Fortunately, I’m back under control.  I’ve lost the weight I gained and I’m back doing all my workouts.  Phew.  Still, it was so much easier dealing with my addiction to cigarettes.  Once I quit smoking, after the first year of agony, I don’t have to deal with it ever again.  Food on the other hand is a daily occurrence.  Bummer. 

After I got back home I toyed with the idea of putting my house on the market.  Not because I've decided to RV fulltime, but to buy a house in California.  Huh???  

I’ve decided, again, that I’m not selling my house and that feels  right.  Making that decision has been like losing a ton of weight off my shoulders.  Besides, I don't know where I want to go and if I don't know that how am I going to get there?  Wherever there is.  

So where does Olivia fit into all this?  She’s patiently waiting, along with me, for the weather to warm up in Eastern Washington so that we can take off for Clarkston.  In the meantime, I’m fixing her up.  I didn’t notice when I bought her how much brown is inside.  I don’t like brown.  My house was totally brown inside when I inherited it and I’ve worked very diligently to get rid of all of it.  It’s not that easy in a motorhome but I’m trying to work around it.  Here’s a before picture of the privacy curtain….

Here’s the replacement privacy curtain…

I had fun trying to come up with different ways of solving the privacy curtain issue.  What I ended up doing was just sewing a piece of material over the existing privacy panel.  

It's June 1st, one month to the day before my next birthday.  It's 54 degrees out and raining.  I didn't want to be inside all day so I got my winter coat and gloves on and sat outside in my backyard for awhile.  Now I'm in my office in front of a heater trying to get warm.  

I've been keeping track of the temperatures in Eastern Washington and it's only been in the 60s.  It appears that it's heading for the 80s, so Olivia and I will be on the road soon.  I'm noticing some apprehension on my part. I've forgotten everything I was told during my walk through before I drove off the dealership lot with Olivia and I have fears of doing something wrong.  Her batteries died when I was in California so I had to have them jumped and I've been starting her periodically to get them recharged.  Basically, all I have to do is pick a date, load her up, get my dog and we're off.  I hope that's soon.

Sunshine please,



  1. I know I can't follow the same advice, but here it is "Just Do It!"

    If Olivia has mechanical problems you will deal with them.

    If you feel best on the shakes and lunch, do it in Olivia.

    You have the opportunity. Take it. Life is short and many of us have no choice but to stay behind.

  2. I'm with Merikay! Just get in and step on the gas pedal. If it gets too cold, turn on the furnace...

  3. Jeana, not sure why you said I didn't have a blog. Here is the link.

  4. hang in there Jeana!..sorry to hear you are having a bad month! too..even with all the birthdays and anniversaries it was still not our finest hours!..some days the dream so unreachable that we wonder if we are setting ourselves up for disappointment..but we plug away..and just step at a time!..
    take care of yourself..hope the sun shines soon!

  5. Jeanna, I had to laugh when you said everything was brown. This trailer I bought in Lakeside last year was like that. who ever painted this place even painted the ceiling (not brown but dark beige) the floor was the same color and the fridge and stove were almond. I have painted the ceiling white and the walls are pastel mint.
    As for feeling apprehension I feel it every time I am getting ready to go out in the motor home. So like Merikay said, Just do it. It will come back as you go thru the motions.
    Go find that sun shine. :)

  6. I'm glad you're back, I've been wondering where you were?!? Sometimes it's good to take a break. :)

    I absolutely agree with everyone else, just do it! I tore the rubber roof on my first trip to Walmart trying to park under a tree for Katie - first day, I had just driven it home! They sell repair kits at CampingWorld. It was an easy fix. Good as new.

    My first trip I crunched up the cargo door, and it had to be replaced. My son fixed it for me, but anyone can order the door and decals like I did and hire someone to put them on. Good as new (again).

    But you know what? I'm loving it anyway. No matter what happens, I've got my home with me, and all my stuff. I have money, credit cards, insurance, road service, and lots of patience if I need it.

    You will do just fine, all it takes is the initial trip, once you've stopped for the first night, you'll be much more comfortable. I was really nervous, too. I never even liked driving anyone else's car, and would usually refuse.

    When I visit my daughter and her family in July I'll have The Palms, and Kristy asked if I would mind driving their car when I'm taking care of the kids. I said, Are you kidding? I'm driving my house around, I can drive anything now! :) I really feel like I've accomplished something, and you will, too.