Monday, April 25, 2011

RV Spaces For Sale...Am I the Only One Who Didn't Know??

I didn't know there were RV parks where RVrs can buy their own space. I was only familiar with organizations like Thousand Trails where memberships can be bought, but I've learned something else about RVing.  I wrote about another park to buy into in Palm Springs in my post Thoughts on Palm Springs...After a Week on 4/22/11.  

Today I went to look at two more, also in the Palm Springs area.  One is in Cathedral City and the other one is in Indio.  I'm still reeling after looking at the last one.  I want to move in tomorrow but there's a slight problem and I'll talk more about it when I share what I learned about that park.  

The first one is called Outdoor Resorts Palm Springs and it's located in Cathedral City.  I want you to know that I took a very long time attempting to create a Picasa collage with the following pictures and I wasn't successful.  I'll practice some more when I'm not in the middle of writing a post.  

Outdoor Resort Palm Springs

RV sites next to lake

RV site next to outside wall
Lot prices start at $54,000 and go up to $130,000.  The average size of the lots are 2,000 sq ft (35' x 63').  The information sheet says that the sizes are 35" x 63" and I'm thinking that's not right.  Association fees are $322/month and include unlimited green fees, water, daily trash pick-up, cable TV and grounds maintenance.  The resort is 137 acres with 7 lakes, 6 swimming pools, an on site restaurant and convenience store, just to name a few features.  Owners may rent their lots when not in town and realize 72% of the rent.  There is a shopping center nearby that I would consider close enough to walk to.  It, too, is a gated community.  

Now onto the primo RV park known as the Desert Shores  Motor Coach Resort...  

This park is stunning and at the present time I don't qualify to move in because I don't have a Class A motorhome 36' or longer.  That's the slight problem I mentioned in my opening paragraph.  I know that I could be comfortable and happy living there, but it's the old champagne taste on a beer budget that is also in my way.  

This is a casita to the right of the parking space for the RV...

The two windows seen in the picture are the double garage which also has the washer and dryer, not to mention lots of storage. 

 Next we go inside the casita...

Living  room


Shower stall

Outdoor spa

Can't forget the the view and sounds from the waterfalls...

I think the pictures say it all.  I love water and the sound of waterfalls. I also like privacy and this park provides all of that.  However, the lowest price is in the $300,000 range.  HOA dues are $565/month.  Like I said earlier, I have champagne taste on a beer budget.  At least I'm having fun looking and then I can write about it and share what I've learned.  

Loving the sun,



  1. Can you imagine living in either one???? They are gorgeous! You sound like you are having fun. I'm still just working and sorting through stuff. I don't really know Palm Springs (except one trip as a teenager - super fun driving the strip back and forth, back and forth - looking for boys who were looking for girls), so I look forward to your posts and photos while you're there.

  2. Both parks look comfortable, clean and safe. John and I have been trying to find something like that in Central Coast California but I no luck as yet. Lots more in the south west and western California. Let me know if you hear of anything in this area. Thanks for sharing!

  3. boy lots to think about..the second one sure looks nice..but we are on a 'water budget'! fun looking!!

  4. I thought the object of having n RV was to experience many different places. I can't see spending $300K for a space. Way to rich for us!

  5. The are pretty, but to rich for my pocket too. I would rather have my little tin can cabin and pay the 2500. for the season and run around in the winter in my little motor home and find all the half price places I can lol, But is sure is fun to dream.
    You seem to be enjoying the visits at least

  6. I've driven through both of those parks and while they are nice for sure, it would literally mean living there full time to make it worthwhile. That, we're not prepared to do nor do we want to.

    I also found the higher up these places are the more rules and regs they have especially for pets.

    Nice fancy joints though.

  7. Take a look at the same kind of park only less expensive. The name is Rancho Casa Blanca located in Indio, not far from where you are now.
    It is on Avenue 44 and Golf Course Drive.

  8. To comment on Levonne's question of parks like these in Central Cal Coast .... there are none. We have hoped and prayed something like this would pop up, but it is all about location and cost. Anything close to the ocean is expensive, especially land for RV parks.

  9. Hi Jeana,
    I'm a new visitor today. As I was reading this post (without the benefit of prior post knowledge) I said to myself: She could buy a HOUSE in Sun City for less than that! Imagine my surprise at discovering that's where you are. While you're in the desert, try to arrange for a visit to SCPD, one exit west of you on Washington. The complex in Indio was designed by Pulte (no changes, no changes, no changes) Homes. The Sun City in Palm Desert was designed and primarily built by Del Webb before it was bought by Pulte, hence the difference. There are many more floor plans, so the prices vary considerably, but the amenities are even more extensive and spectacular. My tenant calls it Disneyland for Adults. Yup, tenant. I bought a home there when I was 43, too young to live in it. I rent the house out (he's 93!) and use the casita for myself. I love, love, love it!
    The economy has affected them too, so there are screaming deals to be had. I know you're not thinking about anything permanent just now, but you should see what else your money will buy before you plunk down a lot of money for a pad in a park...
    Your new (blogless, hence, anonymous) pal,
    Diane C

  10. I'm with Merikay. Why pay big bucks to stay in one location all the time? There is a whole world of wonderful places to see, people to meet and things to do. Personally, about 6 weeks is all I can last before I start getting really itchy feet!

  11. Been to both, owned 2 lots at Las Vegas Motorcoach resort, and One at Motorcoach country club(Indio) They are both beautiful places but I would rather rent.You get the very same amenities without all of the fees. We currently bought a house in Indio with an attached RV garage..thats the BEST way to enjoy this lifestyle.