Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Found My GPS!!!!!!!!!

Before I tell you where I found my GPS I want to welcome two new followers:  Carolyn from blog amigoingsomewhere and NanaDiana who doesn't appear to have a blog.  Thanks for joining me on my journey.

OK...drumroll...I found my GPS in Olivia in an opening on my dash. When I bought Olivia the hardware needed for Sirius radio was mounted in a location on the dash between the seats.  I took out the radio hardware because I don't want to pay for the service.  I'd been trying to mount my GPS in that location and it's pretty deep and slopes towards the front and the GPS and Bean Bag dashboard mount slid to the front and I couldn't see them...too dark and they blended in.  For some reason, before I took off for my trip to the Lavender Festival in Sequim, WA, I bent over and looked into the space and there they were!!!  I felt so relieved and so silly.

Friday being Friday in the Seattle area, traffic crawled.  We left the storage unit where Olivia lives and got on I-405 and eventually switched to I-5.  We were driving to Edmonds to catch the Edmonds ferry to Kingston.  When we got off the freeway and closer to Edmonds a sign told us we were going to have an hour wait.    Normally I'd freak about the wait, but when you have an RV with a potty, the ability to get up and move around and other places to sit, it doesn't seem so bad. This picture was taken after we'd waited around 45 minutes.  

This is us waiting for the line to start moving...

I've never driven a motorhome onto a ferry so I had no idea what it was going to cost.  Would you believe it was $50 for a one way ticket???  I was horrified.  But I wanted to ride on the ferry so I had no choice.  

We finally got on and this is where we sat for the 30 minute ride...

After we got off the ferry we drove over the Hood Canal bridge and weren't able to take any decent pictures because of the weather...

Unfortunately, it poured all the way to Sequim.  I was not happy.

After buying Olivia I learned pretty quickly that not all gas stations have diesel.  We'd arrived in Kingston and were heading towards Sequim when I saw a gas station with diesel but decided to wait until we got to Sequim because I figured  it would be cheaper there.  I wasn't anticipating that we'd get lost.  So the three lines I had left of gasoline became a bit scary because I wasn't seeing any gas stations, let alone gas stations with diesel.  

I finally decided it was time to put my GPS to work and we got back on track very quickly.  Kathy was playing with it while I was driving and she was able to let me know that the next gas station was 1.5 miles away.  Two wrong turns later we were at a gas station with diesel.  I stood in line to pay for my gas behind a gentleman who spent $400 on scratch lotto tickets.

We finally arrived at Kathy's mom and step-dad's house, a bit late, but at least we didn't run out of gas.  I imagine you might be wondering how we got lost going to Kathy's mom's house.  Kathy doesn't take the ferry, she goes a different way.  Both times we've gone on the ferry we've gotten lost. Now that my GPS is found I'm hoping that's the end of getting lost on the way to Sequim.

Sequim is considered the banana belt of Washington so we were expecting better weather than Seattle and it didn't happen.  It was identical to Seattle...gray, raining and just ugly.  I was so bummed because it was gorgeous when we went last year and I was expecting the same this year.

We weren't going to let the weather stop us and apparently we weren't the only ones...

When we were waiting in line to get lunch, all of a sudden a really fast beat song came on and all of a sudden there were a whole bunch of people that just started dancing...

The music and entertainment were fun for the length of that one song.

We walked and walked and walked for hours.  We ended up going to a Farmer's Market first, without realizing that's what we were doing.  The actual lavender festival was just a couple blocks away so it wasn't a problem.  It started to rain...the first time of many...and we popped into a consignment shop right behind one of the booths at the Farmer's Market.  It turned out to be one of the nicest consignment shops I've been in.  I've been looking for a vest and found this one for $6...

I also bought a denim shirt for half-price.  Then I bought some Rainier cherries and they were fantastic!!

I've just decided that the Lavender Festival is going to take two posts.  I'm exhausted.

Part Two tomorrow.

Wishing for sun,



  1. How neat that you found the GPS. I just don't understand this Pacific NW weather this year. We're getting out of here in the morning - going to find some sun!!

  2. sunny in Sequim?..really?..we have been there twice and both times?..guess what? was raining..but it sure seems like it is raining everywhere these days!!

  3. Glad you found your GPS, no more getting lost I hope.
    The Festival sounds like and looks like fun.
    Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.
    I had no idea a ride in the Ferry would cost that much either.

  4. so now they need to invent something for us to find our GPS's when they are lost...

  5. are having quite the are doing great driving Olivia in close quarters...hope you are liking her more on this trip.

  6. So glad you found your GPS! Great technology that is hard to be without. Sounds like you saw a 'flash mob'..the people dancing all a sudden. Quite popular these days :)

  7. Hi and thanks for the welcome ;) ... I'm enjoying your blog very much ... mine is amigoingsomeplace not somewhere... although! somewhere sounds good too! lol

    My gypsyness is itching... bad