Saturday, July 23, 2011

My House is Available to Lease

Yes, I'm going to lease my house and then move back to Tucson.  I know that I'll do a lot more traveling in Olivia with my base of operations in the Southwest.  I won't have to worry about snow and ice and that's a real concern for me so I'm relieved to put that worry behind me.  I'm pretty excited and I'm letting all my friends down there know that I'm finally coming back.  

I started pulling up the rest of the carpet today that's left in the master bedroom and living room and dining room.  I've left it down because my dog has trouble walking on hardwood floors.  I plan on leaving strips of carpet down on the paths he walks the most.  

The realtor in Tucson who has shown me houses to buy off and on for a couple years has agreed to find me a house to rent.  I've been thinking that I might just live in Olivia instead and save a few bucks.  There are lots of RV parks in Tucson so I can go around checking each one out when I get tired of the one I'm at.

To say that I'm exhausted tonight would be an understatement.  But it's an "I accomplished something" exhausted.  It feels like the exhaustion is reaching my brain so I'm going to close for now.

Lots of sunshine today,



  1. Hope you find a good renter that will stay for a long long time.

  2. Sometimes just making the decision is the hardest part.

  3. Good about leasing your home - that way if you should decide to return, you have the option. My in-laws moved from Washington to Benson, east of Tucson, when they retired. They stayed several years but eventually came back and settled in Mt. Vernon. They loved their time in Arizona and traveled in their RV, too.

  4. decision making is sometimes the worse onwards and upwards!!!

  5. Well that has to be the biggest step. Yes we have lots of nice RV Parks in Tucson. I don't know what side of town you are thinking about but there will be a nice one where ever you decide. Good Luck.

  6. Hi Jeana,
    I'm a newby here at your blogspot. I was surprised to read that you're into bowling ball yard art. By the time you get back here to Tucson, I should be well on my way to covering the better part of two yards with bowling ball "artwork".