Monday, July 18, 2011

Question About RV Park Memberships

This is not my Part Two of my trip to the Lavender Festival, but a quick question.

Do any of you have a membership in Coast to Coast or KM Resorts or something like that?  It's involves a membership in an organization that has a number of RV parks which only lets members in.  If you belong to one, do you think it's worth the $$$ and what has been your experience with the parks?  Are they nice or tacky?  Would you go there if you weren't a member?  If you think of something I haven't asked, please share.

Thanks for the info.

Still hoping for sun,



  1. we only had a KOA and a Good Sam discount card, Jeana..can't help with this one!

  2. Our park membership saves us tons of money. However, asking this question you will most certainly get many different answers. It depends on how much you use them and where you go. If you buy directly from a park, it will cost you tons. However, people use them for a while and then they want to get rid of them when they stop using. These are the ones you need to look at because you can get them pennies on the dollar. We have Thousand Trails, ROD and RPI. Which means we can pretty much stay at any of the membership parks. We wouldn't have it any other way.

  3. I'm thinking about these also, when I asked the question I was told that Thousand Trails was a better system. Right now I'm using Passport America (50% off), but I did not like the looks of some of their parks and passed them up. I plan on Workamping - so, I won't be paying for a campsite 365 days a year. If the average campsite is $30 a night - that's over $10,000 a year. I would think a RV park membership would be a lot cheaper than that. And then there is always boondocking which I have not tried yet.

  4. We have been members of Coast to Coast for a few years now and love it. There are many parks that are not very desirable, but many are really nice resorts and the price is always right, $10 per night.

    To become a C2C member, you must be a member at one of their parks, this can be costly...a few thousand dollars. We got an exceptional deal or we would not have been able to afford it.

    We also have Passport America and Camp Club USA, the 50% clubs which there are many not very desirable parks associated with them as well. But, again the savings are tremendous.

    It's all a game to play as we put it, because finding the right park, the right review of the park, the right location of the park and the right time to allow the discounts is a game of patience! The savings at times is not worth the pain but at the same time it is...

    Good luck and as far as reviews of the parks, we have many of them on our blog...check them out!

  5. Stu already had a Coast to Coast membership and I had an RPI membership, we also have Passport America. We try to use C2C or PA for the most part, they are the cheapest per nite. That said, buying into C2C can be pricey and there are annual dues for your "home" campground. Our home is Conestoga Campground out of White Sulfur Springs, MT (only $99 a year - C2C is another $69 I think).

    Not all the parks are the best, some are very nice, some have no restrictions, some have many. If I were just starting out, I'd get the Passport America, join Escapees for more discounts and try the first year that way. You can also save by staying weekly or monthly at parks.