Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weathered Out

I understand that parts of the country would love to be experiencing the weather we're dealing with here in the Pacific Northwest.  It's the middle of July and I'm sitting here with wool slippers on, a light jacket and earlier I had a portable heater turned on.  It was supposed to reach 72〫today and only reached 65〫at my house.  The sun we were supposed to see never appeared.  It's windy and looks and feels like early Fall.  I'm so weary of the constant gray.  What gives????

I've decided that I'm going to lease my house and return to the Southwest probably sometime in late September or early October.  If it feels like Fall in July I can't imagine what it'll feel like in September.  I'm surprised that I'm torn between Tucson and Palm Springs, but I think Tucson will win out.  I feel such a connection to Tucson and I feel a twinge whenever I hear someone is going there and I'm not.  

I figure that once I'm in the Southwest I won't have to worry about snow and ice and I'll be able to travel, travel, travel with Olivia.  I'm looking forward to it.  I know, I know, there are places that do have snow and ice in the Southwest, but I'll be below those areas and won't have to worry.  

I was telling a friend today when I want to go down there and mentioned that I'll have to figure out how to get two vehicles down...Olivia and my Volvo.  She indicated that she might be interested in driving my Volvo down and I offered to fly her back to Seattle.  We didn't have too much time to talk but talk we will.

I've been going through the house and sorting for a garage sale.  I would like for it to be warmer when I do have it so I'm holding off for a few weeks. I'm also nowhere near being ready.  The last weekend of the month is a very popular Arts and Crafts show in the city I live in and I don't think a garage sale can really compete so I'll probably wait until the first weekend in August.  Did I just type August?  Where has the summer gone?  Wait...we haven't had summer yet.  

I don't have any pictures to publish because I'm not interested in showing gray, gray, gray.  So, I'm changing the subject to one for which I do have pictures.

I thought I'd show where I "lost" my GPS in Olivia...

I also have a Beanbag Dashboard mount to which my GPS was not mounted when they went missing.  As you can see, it is mounted on the beanbag now...

Yes, I also lost the beanbag.  Can you see either one in the picture?  They're both there.

Before I left for the Lavender Festival in Sequim I paid a visit to Verizon and got myself a MiFi...


While I already have a portable internet service...

I find the MiFi easier to transport (and probably lose).  It takes up less space and I imagine I'll have more internet access.  I've had Clear for years and once they got the bugs worked out it's been a good service.  But, I think I'll have better access with Verizon.  Besides, when I go to RV Maintenance Boot Camp and Kathy stays at my house, she'll need Clear and I'll need Verizon. When I head for the Southwest I'll only need Verizon.  

AARGH...my dog just spit up on the carpet...two inches from the hardwood floor.  Why oh why didn't he do it on the floor????

I think on that happy(???) note I'll close for now.  

Thinking sunshine,



  1. Will you be taking the dog along in Olivia?

  2. cause that is what they do..both of my 'boys' always vomit on the carpet..never on the laminate floor!

  3. So, you're Tucson bound. I think it is a good idea to lease your house... just in case. Ya never know what can happen to change things. Wishing you sunshine.

  4. Just curious why you don't tow your Volvo? I mean traveling with a friend will be nice, but still curious why not just tow it?