Sunday, March 20, 2011

Glad to be Back

I want  say thank you to some new followers...or at least people I haven't acknowledged yet.  Hopefully, I haven't missed anyone.  Welcome to Pepper, Donna K at Travels in Therapy, Erik at Erik's RV Blog and Mary Ann and William at In the Wind...

I hadn't been to Hawaii for over 20 years and I was shocked by how many new hotels there were.  We were right next to Fort DeRussy Park and it was a lovely location.  We could see the Fort DeRussy chapel from our lanai and I'd watch six or seven people every morning do Tai Chi right next to the chapel.  This was the best view from our lanai.


The lanai second from the bottom was ours.  To the right was a huge patio so we really had some great space.  

I'm not into tattoos, but henna works for me.  There was a place in the International Marketplace that did henna tattoos, so I decided to go to the wild side and get one.  It lasted close to three weeks and I enjoyed it while I had it.   Unfortunately, this is the only picture taken of me in Hawaii.  I have to go back and do something about that.   

I was so disappointed to come back home.  While it rained when we were in Hawaii, it was at least warm enough to wear shorts and sandals.  Back home I was immediately back into layers, gloves, etc., etc.  Our weather has been horrible and I've been so depressed.  We had something like 10 storms in 12 days and there was no let up from the rain.  I was also missing my blog and reading about all your adventures, but I wasn't reading any blogs.  I felt like a hypocrite in a way because of my indecision about whether to get an RV or not and, honestly, I was tired of listening to myself. I feel energized again and I love the comments I've already gotten from my earlier post today.  I missed you guys.  

I took a photography class and we had an assignment to go out and take pictures and bring 36 back to class.  While I was out photographing we were going through some very cold weather (teens and 20's) and it was awful.  I think I'll wait until spring or summer for the next class.  The cold just took the fun out of the picture taking.  

Like I said above, I'm glad to be back, and I look forward to getting caught up on all your adventures.  I've decided the first place I'm going in May, when I get back from house sitting, is Clarkston, WA.  I'm heading for the RV park right next to the Snake River and I'll eventually make it to Tucson.  

More sunshine please,



  1. Congrats on the RV! I'm so excited for you! Sounds like it wandered into your life at just the right moment. I understand what you mean about indecision and wanting to turn the volume of your 'inner voice' down.

    I'm glad you are back on the blog - keep us posted!

  2. Glad to hear about your new Motor Home, I love those. I am in Tucson, which community are you looking at. We have so many wonderful 55+ places here. By time you get to Tucson I will be up in Lakeside/Pinetop, AZ for the summer. To bad I would love to have met up with you.
    Enjoy your new home on wheels and maybe we will meet up sometime.
    Also glad you enjoyed your Trip.

  3. Well, Let's see some new RV pictures. We're very excited for you!

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise