Thursday, March 24, 2011

To Carry or Not to Carry...a Gun...That Is

I was talking to a gentleman acquaintance at 24 Hour Fitness this morning and told him that I bought an RV.  He immediately wanted to know if I was going to carry a gun.  He informed me how unsafe it is out there and that he doesn't trust anyone.   My answer to him was no way, no how.  I don't like guns, don't own one and I don't want one around.  I have more faith in the people out there, apparently, than he does.  So...what do you fellow RVrs think? 

TOMORROW'S THE DAY...I pick up my View tomorrow so expect pictures either tomorrow or the next day!!! 

I was outside earlier measuring the distance from the ground up to some wires coming into my house and I might have a problem with wire height where I want to park it.  I called my electric company and they don't think it's their wire so I'll have to check with the cable and phone people.  The electric people will check tomorrow and let me know.  I'm hoping that when I tried to measure up 11' from the ground that I was way off and it won't be a problem.  Just in case, I'm going to ask my friend who's driving me to the dealership tomorrow to watch while I back it in.  

I know this is a short post, but after I pick up my RV tomorrow, I'm sure I'll have more to talk about.  

More sunshine please,



  1. I wonder about that myself. We do have a gun in the house and everytime my daughter and her family come home for a Holiday I make sure it is locked up in a closet.

    My husband will probably want to take it with us in the RV, but neither of us has had any experience with it. If he does decide to take it, I will insist we get some training.

    Another concern is what to do with it if we want to cross over into Canada. I understand you can be arrested if you try to carry a gun over the boarder.

    My advice is don't buy one.

    Get a good lock on your RV door, and don't open it to strangers.

  2. Jeana,

    This is a tough one, my wife is ex-Army and fully trained in how to handle any gun. We have discussed getting a gun and of course if we do I'll go through all of the training and she'll go through it as well since it's been so long since she has handled one.

    If you don't feel you'll ever get comfortable with one I'd advise against it. If you feel with training you could get comfortable with one then by all means get one but don't let me talk you into or out of one.

    Here is a blog of a single lady who fulltimes and also is very good with hand guns and helps women out.

    Congrats on the RV!
    Safe travels,


  3. Well, my family insisted i have a gun, so i got a small revolver, took the class, got a concealed weapon permit, but have never had it out since i left. It did make me feel better to have it when was in New Orleans, BUT don't know how effective it would be as it is in one place the ammo in another :0.....
    And i don't do any boondocking or parking in a parking lot. My sister-in-law says u just have to be aware of your surroundings and who is around you.

  4. Considering that we have never had one bit of trouble anywhere that we have stayed nor have we ever known anyone that did, I would also no way, no how have a gun in our RV. We also don't boondock or stay in parking lots. Perhaps I would feel different if we did or if we ever had trouble.

  5. A short while ago ABC World News did a study and concluded those who rarely handle guns had a very slim chance of shooting the intended target when under pressure...

    I don't think that guy has all the facts right... so far I haven't read any RV bloggers facing any dangers travelling, even when boondocking.

    Just my 2 cents... can't wait to see photos of your View!

  6. don't know if we would actually carry a gun when we hit the road..but a can of bearspray or wasp spray may do the trick if need be!..can't wait to see the pictures of your new rig..have fun tomorrow driving it home!!!

  7. My opinion don't need a gun! nuf said...

  8. Yup wasp spray it is. I have a can tucked in between the wall and matress in my motor home and keep one near the door. I also keep them in my little place in the mountains and that is for bears. Wasp spray can spray 20-25 ft. And it won't require a permit or lessons on how to use it.
    Can't wait for the pictures of your new toy

  9. Mo is also Army Reserve retired, fully trained, and we have no guns. No need. Used to carry pepper spray for bears, but now have switched to wasp spray. Yeah, that stuff that shoots 15 feet and will stop almost anything without having to wait until it is right in your face. Safe, legal, we can take it anywhere, and keep it handy when out there alone.

  10. Hey, glad to see you're back - I'm just catching up. Congratulations on your new rig, I LOVE the View. It's one of my favorites. It's beautiful inside and out. You're going to have so much fun with it. Good luck tomorrow with your walk through. I won't pick mine up for a few days, maybe next Friday on my day off. We'll have to compare notes!

    Good Luck tomorrow! I look forward to reading your next post. :)

  11. Hello Jeana,
    Congratulations on the new RV. Although I consider myself a lover not a fighter, I also consider myself an American with Second Amendment rights. I have had a CHL (concealed handgun license) for several years and treated like an American Express card. I don't leave home without it. If we lived in a perfect world, with perfect people, there wouldn't be any need for a gun. But, we all know that this world is not perfect..... far from it. A friend was one of the first victims at the Luby's restaurant shooting in Killeen, Texas. This happened in 1991. If I had been there, I certainly would've shot back. Just remember that a gun is only a tool. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. I would highly recommend to anyone, with the required competence, to take a CHL class and be prepared for the worst. I also invite you to visit my blog.