Monday, March 28, 2011

Weight on an RV Blog??

Before I get into the subject of my title, I want to acknowledge those of you who commented on how appropriate the name of my blog is for the RV I ended up buying.  I didn't even make the connection at first.   
This is the RV that enabled me to come up with title of my blog.  This is the RV that was causing me all the angst about whether I could drive it and had many posts written addressing that angst. Fortunately, as some of you pointed out, the RV I finally purchased is named View and it has four windows.  How lucky is that?  As far as my blog goes, I think I'm pretty lucky since I don't need to come up with a new name.

OK, now to the discussion about this post's title.  As I've mentioned before, I started on a nutritional cleanse weight loss program in August, 2009 and lost 80 pounds.  A year ago I started working with a personal trainer twice a week.  The weight loss program I was on consisted of two shakes a day and one regular meal.  I absolutely loved it.  No cooking!!  My one meal was usually lunch and I went out and let someone else cook it for me.  Recently, my trainer and naturopath informed me that I needed to get back on whole foods.  My trainer told me that if I started eating whole foods that I'd get rid of the excess fat around my waist that's been plaguing me in spite of all the working out I've been doing.  Coincidentally, my massage therapist had mentioned another naturopath in town that did a "28 Day Program" helping people to introduce whole foods into their lives.  I signed up for it and that's what  I've been doing for the past 28 days...eating whole foods.  

The first week was a nightmare because I had to cook!!!  Not only that, I had to shop for the food that I was cooking.  The shopping and cooking took place only after I found a recipe that I wanted to cook. It was really awful, at first, but I've adjusted and I'm starting to enjoy myself in the kitchen...a little bit.  I went in for the final analysis today and I lost 3% body fat in 28 days and I'm thrilled. The agony has paid off.  I guess that means I'm going to have to keep cooking. I guess I can handle that considering the results I've experienced from the 28 days.  

I'm going to move my RV (Olivia) to Public Storage tomorrow or the day after.  It appears that as long as she's parked in my driveway she's not going anywhere.  Why is that you ask?  Remember what I said about the street I live on in yesterday's post?  Yep, that's why.  I don't want to have to deal with the traffic when I'm trying to back up my driveway.  And since I'm leaving for California on April 13th, I just think it will work out for the best.  Between now and then I'm sure I'll drive it more because it'll be so much easier to get it out of and back into Public Storage than at my house.  I'll miss looking at her, but that's only temporary since we'll take off in May.

Sunshine please,



  1. I like your new RV, I like the style and size of the View, I'm still shopping for an RV. As far as food and blogs, most RVer's mention eating, or recipes or weight and some point. I tried starting another blog to follow my eating and exercising, but quickly lost interest in it. I think most of us struggle with the same problems.

  2. congrats on your weightloss!!..whoohoo..80 pounds is fantastic..we wish you luck as you introduce 'whole foods' again!!

  3. Twice in my life I have lost over 50 pounds. Then gained it all back and added on more. I am feeling so fat these days.

    I need to get my food back under control, but it is so hard when my husband is always picking out recipes for me to cook for him. I hate to say no, and I love the yummy foods.

  4. I thought your title referred to the weight of your RV - talk about tunnel vision! I think it's great we're taking such good care of ourselves. :)
    I've been doing MediFast for 2 months and have lost 10 pounds. The easiest 10 pounds I've ever lost. They have shakes, hot drinks, bars, soups, other things, too, but those are all I'm getting because I like them so much. You eat/drink 5 per day plus one meal you prepare with protein and 3 veggies. So easy. Like you said, hardly any shopping. I have a bag at work with 2 weeks of food in it, I never have to pack a lunch. Then at night I have a simple meal. Or something else, I'm not religious about it. Tonight I had an artichoke with mayonnaise and some toasted whole garlic bread. Yum! I love their food, though, and am not tired of it yet. Check them out on-line

  5. I thought about that. You could just rearrange the words and make it "A View with Four Windows".

  6. Your blog had me laughing when you talked about cooking. But am happy for your weight loss and re entry to food. Since my knee surgery I have lost a few pounds and hope I can continue. I also hate to cook but have found some really great weight watcher recipes I like and they arent to hard to deal with. Since they are usualy a serving for 4 I freeze them and then I won't have to cook for awhile. Before surgery I cooked a few different ones and I have just finished using them up. It was great.
    I wish you continued good health.

  7. Just thought I would add this women's group its free

  8. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your RSS feeds also, Thanks.