Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's With All the Rain??

Have you all noticed how blog after blog makes comments about the rain?  I guess I'm not the only one with the problem.  I'm not sure that anyone can top me though for being so done with the rain since it's rained here day...after day...after day...after day...after day.  I have friends who never complain about the rain, complaining, that's how bad its been.  Today we've had a break.  No rain, the streets are dry, but the rivers are flowing over their banks.  The closest body of water to me is across the street and it's Lake Washington.  I've never heard of the lake overflowing and I'm up high enough that I don't have to worry should it ever happen.

Tomorrow being April means I'll be leaving for California soon!!!  April 13th to be exact.  Shuttle Express will be picking me up at 4 AM at my house and I'll arrive at Palm Springs shortly after 9 AM.  I could have taken a later flight, but I need the time with the homeowners of the house where I'm going to be house sitting.  

This is one of the first trees in my backyard to bloom.  I love spring!!

I must have taken this one awhile ago since we haven't seen blue sky in what seems like forever.  This is also in my backyard.  




  1. Olivia is so cute!!! I Read back the last couple of days, isn't it so exciting? LOVED Palm Springs, have a good time there. Go to Joshua Tree. there are lots of things to see there, Pretty spread apart tho. Have fun!!!

  2. Have fun and I think you should see some there too.

  3. I just love seeing your new blog photo. You new rig is just so adoreable. Can't wait to follow you along on your travels. Palm Springs will no doubt be plenty sunny when you arrive.