Friday, October 14, 2011

I Reached Tucson 15 Minutes Before My Volvo

I received a call this morning from the driver who was transporting my Volvo down to Tucson.  He informed me he was in Phoenix and he’d be delivering it today.  Panic…because I was still in Indio, CA and had planned on being there for another day.  I immediately called the Prince of Tucson RV Park, where I plan on staying, to see if they’d accept my car.  Obviously, the guy in Phoenix would reach Tucson a whole lot earlier than me since I was still in Indio, CA.  Eunice, the nice lady at the rv park said that she would accept my car.  Phew.  

I’d been staying in my friends casita in Indio and had to repack Olivia in a hurry.  I thought I heard the driver say that he’d be delivering my Volvo at noon and I knew there was no way I could make it.  But I wanted to get on the road anyway.

Around Buckeye I turn off onto 85 and go through Gila Bend so that I can avoid Phoenix.  I stopped there to fill up and called the rv park to see if my car had been delivered and the answer was no.  I called the driver again and he said he’d be there around 4:00.  I think it was 3:15 when we talked. 

I have to put in here that I think I really need to stop driving for awhile.  I’m starting to make mistakes and I’m feeling so scattered.  On one leg of the trip when I stopped I noticed that I hadn’t closed the door to my gas tank.  The unsettling part is that after closing the gas tank door, I close the driver’s door. 

After I reached Tucson I noticed that not only had I not closed the gas tank door but I hadn’t put the cap back on.  Since Gila Bend is the last place I got gas it was like that for 100+ miles. 

I expected my Volvo to be at the rv park when I arrived and it still wasn’t here.  I was kind of glad though because I wanted to be the one to receive it.  I was assigned a space, got my dog out for a potty break…finally…and called the driver.  He informed me that he was outside the office and had just taken my car off the truck.  I quickly put my dog back inside Olivia and walked over to the office and there it was!!  I got here 15 minutes before the driver!!!

I picked this rv park because I stayed here from 1993 – 1995 when my son and I were living in our fifth wheel.  Geez have things changed.  There’s a ton of construction going on around the park and the park is filled up with mostly construction workers.  I don’t have a problem with that, what I do have a problem with is the space I’m in.  It’s awful and I don’t think it’s going to work for me.  Not only that, leaving the park is a pain because we can’t turn left because of the construction, so we have to drive out of our way to get anywhere.   At least I did when I was going to the grocery store. 

I think I’ll get some rest before I make any major decisions.  I know I mentioned in a previous post how exhausted I was and today just added to that.  Rest, then decisions.

The trip down to Tucson did not turn out the way I was hoping.  It started going sour when I didn’t realize how far away I was from Indio when I took off on Wednesday.  At least I think it was Wednesday since I’ve lost track of time.  The 10 hour day just about did me in.  The one day off in Indio was nice but I don’t think it was enough.  Then the mad scramble to reach Tucson today didn’t help. 

Here’s the bright side.  I’m in Tucson, the sun is shining and I’m not cold.  Olivia and my Volvo are both here.  Now I can start looking for a place for my dog and I that doesnt have any steps.  

Now that I'm here in Tucson I'll be able to go back...a long way back...and catch up on all your blogs.  Sorry it's taken so long.  I've missed reading about your adventures.  

Taking a much needed break,




  1. WOW you sure have been on a mad dash. I'm glad your here and able to rest. I know where that RV Park is and it seems to be really busy in the area. Get some much needed rest and if you need anything give me a yell.

  2. If you aren't happy with the Prince of Tucson park, then you might want to check out Cactus Country RV park off of I-10 at exit 275. It is a friendly park and away from the hustle and bustle of Tucson, but close enough to have all the benefits of Tucson. CCRV has a pool, rec center, exercise room and full hookups. We stay there, but don't have anything to do with running the park.

    Also, the Pima County Fairgrounds rent full hookups for $100/week, $400/month. Just a place to park without a pool or anything like that.

  3. Where did you stay in Indio? I pass by a nice Thousand Palms Trails rv resort right off Interstate 10 and Washington every day going and coming back from school. Yes, Indio to Tucson is quite a drive! 6 hours or so...I am glad you made it safely.

  4. wow. I'm tired just reading your posts! You need to sleep for about three days!

  5. enjoy the break..time for a 're-group rest'!!!

  6. We've stayed in Prince of Tucson before and last fall they were just beginning the construction. Don't like the crammed in feeling in the middle (transient) section but the facilities are nice. Stay away from Whispering Palms. It looks fine from the outside but the restrooms are hideous! Enjoy the's raining in the NW!

  7. Congrats on your arrival! You made much better time than I would have. Maybe now you can kick back, rest, and enjoy yourself a little :)