Friday, October 7, 2011

Movers Changed My Move Date

The movers were supposed to come today.  My first call from them yesterday morning told me they'd be at my house between 2 and 4 PM today.  The second call informed me they wouldn't be at my house today and it might be Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.  I still don't know when they're coming.  

I'm also waiting to find out when my Volvo is going to be picked up.  That worked out fine because I was able to load up all the tools for Habitat for Humanity and drop them off.  No one was around the donation station even though the doors were open, so I just unloaded my stuff and grabbed a receipt.  I guess that's what they get for not hanging around.  Phew, that was a lot of stuff.

The waiting time for Salvation Army wasn't too bad.  They've already come and gone.  

Do you notice all the comments regarding waiting???  I'm not a very good waiter so this is a tough day for me.  

I have questioned myself and questioned myself about what I'm doing.  I'm starting to have trouble with the movers part.  I'm used to loading a Penske truck and driving myself to Tucson or back to Seattle from Tucson.  I've done it more than once.  Only this time I can't drive three vehicles.  

Since I found out that my move qualifies as a "minimum" move, thereby keeping the price down,  I've fretted over what I'm adding and questioned why this and not nauseum.  I'm so tired of fretting, waiting, and questioning.  Let's just load the stuff and get it on the road.  Speaking of stuff...

This is what's going.  It looks like half is for inside and the other half is for outside.  I still have two comfy chairs in the house that are going and that's it for furniture. I think I'll see  how much I can live without when I get to Tucson.  All I need to buy is a bed. 

I admit that my list of "have to have's" has grown a bit and it mostly has to do with my outside stuff.  I'm going to be so happy to be able to be outside in Tucson and I want my outside stuff with me.  It comforts me and makes me happy.  Could I replace it?  Probably.  Do I want to?  No.  

Right now, this is how I see my future....subject to change, of course. Because of my dog being unable to go up and down steps, living in an RV won't be a whole lot of fun for either of us.  So I'm going to rent a two bedroom townhouse in Tucson with a yard and no steps.  I'm going to take mini-trips in Olivia to parts of Arizona I haven't been to, California, New Mexico and maybe Texas.  

Because I'm going to be a part-time full-timer, I need to take more stuff with me for my future home.  How's that for justifying adding more and more to what I'm taking?

There's an RV show at the Tacoma Dome, starting today.  If it turns out the movers aren't coming until Sunday, I think I'll go check it out tomorrow.  

I finally reached someone who knows at the moving company.  They'll be at my house tomorrow between Noon and 2 PM.  Still waiting on transporting my Volvo.  

Trying to be patient,



  1. I'm with you on hating the waiting! Looks like I'll be waiting a few more days in Indiana too. :(

  2. Waiting is always the worst part. I like living in the rig now, but I'd rather be somewhere else in it :)

  3. Renting a townhouse sounds like a good idea since its hare on the dog and then hard on you too having to pick him up even though you found that neat lift thing. Being on the ground with a small yard will be nice and they are ususally private . Good Luck tomorrow. I also hate to wait.

  4. What a pain, but I'm glad you finally have a day and time from the moving company. Keeping what you think you need and will use is smart. These things are expensive to replace, and if you enjoy what you already have, you might as well move it. If you don't need it, or it won't fit, you can donate it in Arizona. You've done a great job downsizing!

    Your part-time full-timing sounds like a good plan to me. Good luck tomorrow. :)