Monday, October 10, 2011

Yesterday, Washington...Today, California

Geez, what a difference a day makes.  Today was terrible and I didn’t even want to be on the road at first.  The rain was something awful and the wind was pretty strong right from the get go.   Two miles after I got back on I-5 this morning I pulled into a rest area.  Fortunately, I was able to relax on my couch at all the rest areas I stopped at and did whatever I wanted in the comfort of my RV.  I didn't have to get out in the rain like all the non-RVers had to to get to the bathroom.  

My dog was stretched out on the floor today instead of hiding under the plants so I guess he’s feeling more comfortable.  In fact, we're both more comfortable today.  He remembers what he's supposed to do when getting out of Olivia and getting back in and we're doing pretty well.    

It took forever to get out of the rain.  I made so many stops that I only drove 250 miles today.  Because of the weather it felt like I drove twice that many miles.  My only goal was to reach California and I did.

I'm in Yreka at the Yreka RV Park and it's pretty nice.  This is our space...

and this is my dog in our space...

I think he looks so much better than yesterday.  Right now I'm sitting inside the door of Olivia, watching him and I noticed this...

I think tonight I'm going to sleep in the overhead.  The ladder and my dog might be a problem but I hope we can work it out.  After two nights on the floor at my house and then last night on a too short couch, I think I'm willing to do whatever it will take to sleep comfortably and that's sleeping in the overhead, height restricted or not.  (While he wasn't looking I got the ladder out and he's just lying down next to it, so I don't think it'll be a problem.)  I even contemplated checking into a hotel tonight.  Now I'm glad I didn't. They have showers here and judging on how the RV park looks, I bet they're pretty nice.  I'll check them out in the morning.  

I realized today that I've only seen one other View on the road since I left home.  I pulled into the RV park and there was already a View here and another one is just now pulling in.  I think it's funny that after seeing only one other View in two days, now there are three at the same RV park.  I take that back.  The one that pulled in just tore out so I guess they're not staying.  I hope they're not going away mad.  

Two brothers and the wife to one of them came over and talked to me. They're from Centralia, WA and I drove through there yesterday.  The lady went to the office for something and when she came back the guys were gone so she stopped by and told me how lucky I was to be traveling alone.  I told her that while I missed having someone to talk to, I agreed with her assessment.  

While I can hear the freeway, this RV park has a really good feel to it.  I also use a white noise fan at night so I'm not usually bothered by too many sounds.  

Two apps that I uploaded (?) to my iPad are that I used to find this RV park and iExit Lite that shows what businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, fast food, and gas stations are in the vicinity of where I'm located.  So far, they're my favorites.  Listen to me...two days on the road and I'm an expert.  Not really, I just like these apps.

How did people travel before apps and the internet?  I was sitting in a rest area earlier today and I pulled out my Mifi to see if there were any RV parks in Yreka.    I imagine the RVers who started RVing back before the bells and whistles we use today think we might have it too easy, or they're doing the same thing we newbies are doing and glad to have them.

Horrible rainy weather and two mountain passes have done me in.  I'm going to call it a day and veg for awhile.  Thanks for all the comments on my first day post.  Oh, I've tried three different ramps with my dog and he refuses to have anything to do with them.  The last time we came inside Olivia tonight we did what we were supposed to do and it worked well.  I hope it'll get easier for both of us.  Now I understand why I was working with weights with my I could lift my dog out of my RV!!!

Halfway to somewhere else,


PS:  I'll get caught up on all your blogs soon.  


  1. hello Jean, I am glad to see you got on the road finally. It will get easier I am sure. Although I haven't parted with my homeas yet, and don't know if i will, I can can say that I too felt relieved getting started as this is my first "big" trip out as well. I look forward to reading your posts!

  2. We've stayed at the RV park in Yreka and it's a nice place. Hope you get some good rest tonight. If you go out to eat in Yreka, I highly recommend Grandma's House. It's right across from the big gas station at the "Y" (where the statue is).

  3. Jeana, I don't know how I missed your post of yesterday. Maybe because I went back to using my new lap top.

    I'm happy the dog is settling in and you both are getting the hang of getting in and out.

    The RV Park looks really nice. Hope you get a good nights sleep.

    Because it got really cold and we had snow Friday I decided to head back to Tucson on Thurs. It is really cold up here.

    Stay safe.

  4. Hopefully the bed will work out for you. Life is better if you're well rested! :)

  5. 250 miles is a very respectable distance to go on a rainy day on the road. You covered a lot of ground and got to California. Kudos!

  6. Those of us who've been RVing for years like the computer convenience. One of my favorite sites is There you can check out parks before you get to them to see what other RVers thought of them.

  7. He looks like such a dear old dog. I'm glad you are able to have him along for this journey. Find him some Sunshine in Arizona to warm his old bones :~)

  8. I'm sure the overhead bunk will take some time getting used to! What a wonderful adventure!