Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's Hot, Hot, Hot Where I'm At

The last two days are kind of a blur, yesterday especially.  Before I get into that I want to say how glad I am that I paid attention to all of you who travel with iPads which led me to buy one. 

A number of miles after Sacramento I realized I’d had it and it was time to stop.  I hadn’t seen any signs for RV parks so I didn’t know how far the nearest one was.  I was at a rest area and pulled out my iPad and found the nearest RV park and called for their location.  Fortunately for me they were just a couple miles away in Patterson.  So I stayed at the Kit Fox RV Park.  Checking in I got a Good Sam discount.  Then the lady checking me in, who was really nice and friendly, asked if I happened to have a Passport America membership.  I said that I did, she voided the first charge and I got to stay for 50% off.  I liked that. 

The park was nice and quiet, well kept and I would probably return.  However, I’ve just about had it with California, so I might not need California RV parks in the future.  More on that later.

I had plans to go to Indio and visit the people I house sat for and the lady at the RV park gave me directions to get there, avoiding LA.  She suggested I go I-5 to Rosedale then get on 58, then 395, then 15 which becomes 215 somewhere, then I-10. 

I missed a turn and ended up on 138 at Gorman.  Which eventually led me to I-10 and Indio.  Which turned out to be a whole lot further away than I realized.  I ended up driving 496.2 miles, about 200 more than I care for.  But I’m in Indio now and I’ll visit a couple days to recuperate before continuing to Tucson.  At least it’s just I-10 most of the way.  I turn off before Phoenix and go to Gila Bend then on to Tucson. 

California frustrates me.  It happened three times where I decided not to stop at a rest area and drive the 90 or so miles to the next one, only to reach the next one and it’s closed.  I think the least they could do was put a notice that the next rest area is closed so maybe you’d better stop here.  Just a thought.

I’m aware that I really pushed myself to get to Indio, especially yesterday.  I’m realizing that’s not what RVing is about, at least for me, so I need to slow down.  In all fairness though, I do have to reach Tucson by a certain time to be there when my Volvo arrives so they can deliver it to me. 

Now that we’re stopped, I’m having some concerns about my dog.  I thought he was doing so well but now I’m not so sure.  I think this time in Indio is going to be good for him.  I also think I need to find a place in Tucson pretty quickly so I can get him out of Olivia and back on level ground and into a routine again.  I think I’m feeling as fractured as he is. 

The outdoor thermometer in Olivia reached 102〫yesterday.  Apparently, there's a heat wave going on here which comes as a bit of a surprise.  I was thinking the hot weather would be finished by now, but not at the moment. Right now I'm sitting outside and loving it.  Later today I know I'll be grateful for air conditioning. The positive side to this...I'm not dressed in layers, I'm not cold and the sun is shining!!!

Halfway to somewhere else,



  1. We are getting ready to head down I-5 in California very soon. I've downloaded POIs on the rest areas to put in our GPS. However, you said some are closed so I guess we'll check into that between Sacramento and Bakersfield before we leave. We even pulled them up online and didn't see a notice.

    We've stayed at the Kit Fox RV Resort. It is nice and it is convenient. However, I think Duchess is not allowed there now. Oh well, we'll keep our money in our pocket I guess.

    Also, it's still in the upper 90's in Arizona and that's way too warm to go there too.

  2. It's great to hear the joys and tribulations of easing into your routine. I am excited to hear how you will find your balance! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Try Justin's Diamond J's , is a nice place to stay, it is right up against the Saguaro National Park. It has lovely trails to walk, really nice people. The rest area problem isn't only in California, we travel almost full time and find a great number of states are shutting down their rest area's and not posting notices. Doesn't make it easy when you drive a big coach and have a little dog who needs to stop more often.

  4. Boy!! That is some high temps!! Hang in will find your own rhythm in this lifestyle!!

  5. I think if it was 102 by me, I'd be peeling off the clothes! :)

  6. In Gila Bend you have a choice of Augie's Quail Trail or Holt's. We stayed several times at Augie's but have been told Holt's is a good, cheap overnight and they have a truck scale with no side rails you you can weigh your whole RV then one side of it and do the math to see how well your load is balanced. That can affect your driving so is a good thing to know.

  7. I hope the dog does OK on your next leg. What is his name? I don't think I ever saw it.

  8. That is HOT. Sure hope things work out for your dog.

  9. have a safe journey!..hope it cools down for you!!

  10. Hi Jeana,
    I pulled in yesterday and let me tell you its HOT! Not as hot as where you are right now but its in the 90's and I don't like it. I should have stayed up North until Nov. 1.
    Justin's Diamond RV Park is OK but it is very far West from here. I don't know what side of town you planned on being on. There is a new RV Park where Beaudry once was called Lazy Days or Sunny Daze, I could look it up for you if you would like. It should cool down here by next Wed.

    I do hope your pup does better after a few days in one place. Fred did really well on the trip down. Of course he is much younger. But he isn't real happy with the hot street. I thought I would have to carry him home earlier.

    Have a safe trip and take it slow.

  11. Jeana! We are missing you already! I hope you are not pushing yourself too much like this post I read! And especially with your sweet, sweet dog! I too have been pushing it: not enough exercise, too much unpacking, too much chaos! Looking forward to talking to you soon. I will forward you along our phone number when we get it this week. Big hugs to you and the big guy! Kate