Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stuck in Downsizing Hell

I'm not enjoying myself anymore.  I've been sick for a week and that hasn't helped.  Sick or not, I've had to press on and I'm just about there.  I just heard from the movers and they'll be here between 2 and 4 PM tomorrow.  I was hoping they'd be here in the morning.  I don't know yet what time my Volvo will be picked up, but it'll be tomorrow, too.  I have to get Olivia out of storage today or I have to pay for the whole month.  A friend is going to take me to lunch and then to the storage area so that I can drive her home.   That will be good because I have stuff set aside to go into Olivia and my kitchen looks a mess because it's the holding area for everything.  

One thing I don't have to worry about is cleaning.  I've contracted with an organization to come in and clean shortly before my renters move in.  I don't have  anything left in me to clean so it will be worth the price.

I think I'll be putting a bunch of stuff in the overhead section where I would normally sleep in Olivia.  Which means I'll be sleeping on the couch and that's ok.  I know I've gotten rid of a ton of stuff but it seems like I still have a ton of stuff. 

I started going through my tools last night, in the house and in the garage...AARGH.  Luckily, a Habitat for Humanity opened up nearby recently so I'm going to make a huge donation to them.  Most of the tools were my dad's and I keep telling myself that doesn't mean I have to keep them.  I haven't used most of them the five years I've been, they're gone.

I hope I can find my sense of humor soon.  It's gone and I want it back.  I'm sure that once the movers have left I'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief and, hopefully, laugh about it.  

I've reached the exhaustion point.  Being sick, I've slept worse than I normally would, so that hasn't helped.  The end is in sight so I'm going to hang in there and my next post should be a whole lot more cheerful.

Hanging in there,



  1. You are so close and you are right... all you have to do is hang in there a little longer. Good wishes for you.

  2. Your Dad would be happy to see his tools going to Habitat for Humanity where they will get used with love. Excellent choice!

    Once the move is done I hope you'll spend time just being and healing. You deserve it.

  3. Keep your chin up! It will be all over soon and you will be able to enjoy your days!

  4. So sorry you have been sick, it makes things so much harder. I hope to be in that place someday, and In a way I'm not looking forward to it. So much work.

  5. hang in there...this time tomorrow the movers will be done and you will be heading out soon!!

  6. Being sick and not getting enough rest/sleep really makes everything seem so much worse. Yes, this too shall pass! It is a horrible ordeal and I am so glad it is almost over for you. Hang in there!!

  7. You really need some rest. You are almost there.
    I know this conversation has been covered a few time over but do you really need to make up that couch every day from the bed? Maybe a good air mattress just for a few days at least so you can sleep well. Just asking.
    Donating your Dad's tools was a very special thing and I know it would make him proud.

    Hope you will feel better once the truck leaves your yard.

  8. I wondered where you were - for some reason I've missed the last three posts. Glad everything is okay, and you're moving along. Before you know it, you'll be in Arizona and things will be very different. Being sick just doesn't help! :(