Friday, October 29, 2010

Blog Learning Curve

Before I get into the learning curve...welcome to my blog:  Travels with Emma; Places We Go, Things We see.  Yes, there is a blog learning least there is for me.  I'm so new to this that I feel like I'm that little kid again that copies all the other kids around.  I wonder how you bloggers find the things that you do.  For instance, NaBloPoMo.  Barbara at Me and My Dog found that website and has earned a couple badges to post on her blog for writing a post every day of the month.  I went and checked it out and I think I'll follow in her footsteps.  Thanks, Barbara. I feel like a copy cat but I like the badges.  Maybe I didn't get enough when I was a Brownie or Girl Scout and now it's time to make up for that.  Many of you have visitor counters so I went looking.  I found three websites and wasn't able to open two of them.  The one I did open told me to paste something somewhere and I didn't know what they were talking's like a foreign language to me.  Then I found a page viewer somewhere on my blog site and I did as instructed and it appears to be working.

I think it was on NaBloPoMo that I read a recommendation to write posts in the AM.  I'm afraid if I do that I'll be on the computer all day.  But here it is past my bedtime and I'm writing my post for Friday.  Since I'm going to look at RVs tomorrow, if I write my post in the morning before I go, I won't have anything to write about.  Unless something happens in my sleep tonight.   Hmmm, maybe I won't follow their advice.  I do think that earlier might be better though.  I'm feeling a bit brain dead now and better stop before I embarrass myself and lose some followers.

I'll let you know tomorrow, earlier, how the RV shopping went.  I'm thinking tomorrow might help me decide if I want to fly to San Diego and look at the Magellan.

Good night.



  1. Don't obsess too much about the blog...let it have a life of it's own. The readers will come and go as long as you write. Don't burn yourself out trying to do what everyone else does....LOL!

    Just keep writing when you can...I'm enjoying it!

  2. I agree with Froggi. Every blog is a little different, and that's good. Do your own thing! :)

  3. Thanks for the mention! You can copy anything I do, usually I find things on other people's blogs and investigate. If it works for me, then I adopt it, too.

    I will say, though, that earning a badge - as silly as it seems - for posting every day has made me post every day. And usually when I start, I do find something to write about.

    I'm going to enjoy reading back through my blog some day, and I'm sure you will, too.