Saturday, October 30, 2010

RV Shopping in the Rain

Speaking of rain...this is my rain chain, working, after cleaning out the gutters.  I figure if it's going to rain I might as well enjoy looking at it and I do like watching the rain travel down the chain.  I looked at many rain chains before I found this one and the upside down umbrellas seemed comically appropriate.  

I drove a 2008 Gulf Stream Independence this morning (I didn't get an outside picture because it was raining so hard).  I recently told one of the RV dealers exactly what I'm looking for and he came back with the Gulf Stream. Looking at the picture of the Windsport on my blog, notice the four windows (the Four Windows with a View windows). The Gulf Stream had two. In the Windsport two of the windows are in the dining room... 

and two are in the living room...

 The kitchen and dining room have a nice separation from the living room and I really like that.  This is the Gulf Stream(↓).  The difference between the two models is that the Windsport has an opening in the middle under the TV and I like that better for visibility purposes when sitting at the dining room table.

Back to the Gulf had a king size bed and I think that's a waste of space in a motorhome, especially for one person, but they're probably not built with just one person in mind.  This king size bed had something extra though, an automatic head raiser:

It also had a forward diesel engine.  I thought diesel engines were always in the rear but I learn something new all the time.  Being diesel it was noisy.  I wasn't able to raise the drivers seat high enough and the steering wheel was weird in the way it adjusted, or, in my case, didn't adjust. However, it had turn signal cameras and I really liked that feature.  Final analysis:  not interested. Besides, if I bought it, I'd have to change the name of my blog to Two Windows with a View and, to me, that doesn't have the same pop as its current name.  FYI...I'm not flaky enough to not buy a motorhome because of windows.  Fortunately, I didn't like the two window motorhome as much as the four window motorhome...whew.  

I emailed my pictures of the Windsport 36F to the dealer, reiterating that this is what I'm looking for.  I don't know how much clearer I can be.  


  1. Hi Jeana

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. We stayed at Hells Canyon RV Resort in Clarkston right by the Snake River. It is a nice little park and has an indoor pool and with two grandsons that was a major plus for us.

    Do you ever get up north ~ would love to get together sometime. We are going to be selling Christmas trees somewhere between Federal Way and Everett. Maybe something will work out for us.

    Also, have you thought of joining the Women RV Forum...we are a great group of gals, from all walks of life, full and part timers. Their link is

    Have a blessed day!.

  2. Interesting post.

    I've heard the term 'diesel puller', but I thought that only referred to small rigs like mine. I had no idea new big rigs had engines up front.

    Nice rig, though!

    I love reading about your shopping, etc.

    So many women are afraid to drive these. Seems that isn't the case for you!

    Take care,


  3. I looked up the Windsport in San Diego - if you are looking at the one I found, what a beauty! Is it the 2006? If so, it looks like it's in perfect condition, too. I can see why you want that model.

  4. Weren't you tempted by the automatic head raiser? I've had many mornings where such a device might come in handy. LOL!

  5. Ali: Let me know where you're selling Christmas trees and maybe I can stop by. Federal Way to Everett...that's quite a distance.
    Jennifer: I'm actually terrified to drive a Class A, in fact, I only drove around a parking lot yesterday. I have to get over the fear since I want a Class A.
    Barbara: I was looking online at a 2008 Magellan in San Diego, which is a step up from the Windsport. I'll go for either one since they both have the same floor plan I want.
    Kimbopolo: Too funny...I could have used the automatic head raiser myself this morning.

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