Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sunshine Today!!!

I'm having a much better day today.  It quit raining, the sun came out and has been out for most of the day.  I'm really impacted emotionally when the sun isn't out and that's one of the reasons I'm going to get out of here.  

I've been looking for a particular motorhome and I found one in San Diego.  The picture on my blog is what I want.  I want one with a washer and dryer and it doesn't have one.  Cory, the salesman, said they can put one in for me.  The one in San Diego is a higher end model than I've looked at because I didn't know it existed, but it has the floor plan I want and I'm not against a better model.  It's in San Diego and I'm in Seattle.  It's almost November which means snow and ice are around the corner.  I don't do snow and ice...I'm from Seattle...I do wet.  Cory said they could store it for me until Spring if I want because I said I can't store it at my house.  I'm thinking I might have to take a trip to San Diego soon or wait and see if one shows up in the Northwest sometime.  We're supposed to be getting another batch of storms up here but for a much longer time.  Maybe San Diego is looking better and better. 

I have a handyman, Denny, and he was by today finishing up a couple projects.   That means I'm getting closer to having the house available for lease in the spring.  I learned about cleaning the gutters underneath the ladder while watching him clean it out (see yesterday's post).  I want to mention that I do most of the projects myself around my house.  Denny does electrical work and filling in spaces where old medicine cabinets used to be that I took out.  I have one major project left for him to do and then I think I'm done with the house.  Except for getting rid of possessions, that is, and that's on me.  

The project is in my backyard which is shown in the picture above.  A month ago the section in the middle were junipers that had gotten out of control.  Sitting in my rocker on the patio I couldn't even see the "upper 40", which is what I call the top of the back yard.  I had a brand new reciprocating saw and decided one day that I was tired of looking at the junipers, and three days later they were gone.  I had no idea there were any boulders under all the greenery.  There's a space on the far right (sure wish I knew how to get arrows in the picture) between the last two boulders. I try to get my lawn mower through there and it's difficult because there are little boulders that don't show in the picture.  I'm finally getting to the point.  Denny is going to build me an arched bridge wide enough for my lawn mower between those last two boulders and I think it'll be great.  

I have to go fix dinner for Big Guy and me before I go to my last hula hoop dance class.  More later.

Happy travels,



  1. Wow, if you don't do well in gray weather, it's a good thing you're getting outta town! Could you possibly live in an area with more rain?!?

    Sounds like you are doing well in your preparations to get on the road. I really like that umbrella rain chain. It looks cool even if it isn't getting all the rain from the gutters.


  2. hula hoop dance? Never heard of it, but sounded fun and probably difficult! I'm bad with dancing for I can't remember all the steps.

    I can't wait to see you get your RV and take me on a tour!