Thursday, October 28, 2010

Welcome Followers!!

Hello and thanks to my new followers:  Gail Durham; Dawn and Denise/Cruzin2some; Kimbopolo; Kimberly; Donna aka Froggi; and Barbara/Me and My Dog.  I've  been following Cruzin2some and Me and My Dog...the rest of you I'll be sure and check out and become a follower of your blogs.

Yesterday a  sales manager at a local RV dealership called to tell me that he had a Windsport motorhome, which is the one I'm looking for.  I found out it was a 1999, which is too old, and it doesn't have the floor plan I'm interested in.  He proceeded to have me look at a couple on his website but I wasn't interested in them either.  I know what I want...either a Windsport (as seen on my blog) or Magellan 36F, 2008 or newer.  I mentioned that I found one in San Diego but wasn't sure if I wanted to fly down to look at it or not.  More than once I told him that I know exactly what I'm looking for.  

A bit later I was checking my junk email and there was an email from the sales manager with the subject being:  "I found your motorhome!!!!".  I felt pretty excited, moved it out of junk, and checked it out.  Well, it's a 2008 Gulf Stream Independence 8360 and it is quite similar.  However, it's a diesel and the Windsport/Magellan are gas.  It's also quite a bit more expensive.  While we didn't talk price it's about $35K more than I want to spend.   Somehow or other, he doesn't seem to understand what I mean when I say I know exactly what I'm looking for.  AARGH!!

Can anybody out there give me some pros and cons on gas vs diesel?  

I'll probably go look at it over the weekend just for the heck of it because the floor plan is pretty close to the one I want.  I also haven't looked at motorhomes for awhile and I'm starting to go through withdrawal.  

Happy traveling,


PS:  If you're not traveling yet, then happy planning.


  1. Great Blog. Good luck with finding an RV.

    Travel Safe

  2. I've always driven gas, because the fumes from diesel make me ill. I get where I want to go, albiet sometimes slower in the mountains, but gas is a lot cheaper initially and with upkeep. I'm no expert, though. I'm just happy with what I have. :)

  3. Have you checked out the RV forums? Before I discovered this wonderful community of bloggers I read all the forum information I could find. (Now I spend all my 'reading' time following blogs.)

    The Escapees group has a really good forum, and they had lots to say about gas vs. diesel. Apparently diesel owners think they are the best, and gas owners think THEY are the best. :)

    I just figure when I find the right rig, I don't care what it is. As long as I can afford it!


  4. I realize this post has probably been answered already. First, Gulf Stream, stay clear, they are having quality issues and all 3 dealers in my area that carried them have dropped them due to Gulf Stream failing to pay warranty claims and for a large number of the rigs leaking.

    As for diesel vs gas, if you're fulltiming diesel is a great way to go because generally they are built for it. Some gas models are as well but diesel usually has bigger tanks, more chassis batteries and bigger storage compartments due to bigger chassis.

    Also, they ride MUCH better, unfortunately they cost a good bit more as well.