Saturday, October 23, 2010

Where to Start

I was going to take a friend out looking at RVs today because she's never been in one.  However, we caved in to the lousy weather and decided not to go.  Can you believe it...Seattleites not wanting to go out in the rain.  The only time I seem to like rain is during a monsoon in Tucson.  That's one of the reasons I'm going to go full timing in May, 2011, to get away from the weather in the Northwet (not a typo).  Originally, I was going to be gone before winter arrived but here it is almost November, I have a house full of stuff and no RV.  

I've been looking for community, specifically a 55+ community in Tucson that's been calling my name for a few years.  I went and checked it out and loved it but when I thought about buying a house there I felt trapped.  Plus the HOA fees were out of sight.  For two-thirds less money I can buy a pretty decent Class A motorhome and go wherever I want.  I've also come to recognize, through reading blogs, that there is definitely community in RVrs and I want to be part of it.    

Without thinking my decision all the way through, I went and put my house on the market to lease.  I inherited my house from my dad about a year and a half ago.  He and mom lived in it almost 40 years.  Guess what?  There's  40 years of accumulation to go through.  Not only that, I've been fixing up the house because it got to the point where dad  could no longer keep up.  Then I realized that I wanted to enjoy the changes I've made to the house, which are significant.  So that's another reason I'm still here.  I also cancelled out on leasing my house, for now.

Then there's probably the biggest reason of all why I'm still here...I DON'T HAVE AN RV.  Unless I come across something I like better, the one pictured on my blog is the model I want.   

I hope I haven't lost you as I rambled on.  Maybe I'm trying to cover too much on this first post, but this is my story.  I'm reading a couple other blogs of future RVrs and I'm really enjoying them.   You ladies have inspired me and now that I have my own blog I can sign up to follow you (I hope I said that right since I don't have the lingo down yet.)  

Happy traveling everyone!!



  1. Hi Jeana,

    WELCOME! I'm pretty new, too, and think you'll find a very friendly group of people in the RV blogging community. There are also great forums to visit with lots of helpful people with answers to any questions you might have.

    I tried to become a follower of your blog, and for some reason it didn't work. I'll try again later. (Love the name of your blog!)

    Have fun - I'll enjoy keeping track of your journey, and maybe some day we'll meet out on the road. :)

  2. I hope this is the right way to respond to your comment. Your blog is one that I've been following and have enjoyed so much. Thanks for the comment on my blog title...I kind of like it, too.


  3. Oh Goody! Another future full-timer in the planning stages! (Got here from "Me and My Dog" - thanks B.). I also intend to purchase an RV and hit the road (not full-time - I don't retire for another decade). Look forward to reading about your journey!

  4. Hi Jeana
    I bet all your fears are normal. I have a Class A diesel MH. The pros for a Class A are: you carry all your stuff with you, you have your own potty and bed, etc. etc. I do not fulltime not intend to but am just trying to get up enough nerve to take a long MH trip solo - with my ShihTzu, Rags with me.
    There are forums for women RVers and they do have gatherings where you get to meet one another. I have not been to a gathering yet though. Lots of family issues this past year.
    Loved the picture with your twin sister. My daughter just had boy/girl twins this past Feb. They are so adorable and have discovered each other already. We wonder how close they will be as they grow.
    Take care and keep following your RV dreams. Liked your choice of your MH and your blog title. I don't have a blog - yet.

  5. Just found your blog and anxious to read and find out what you have done. Precious Husband and I want to go full time but need to get rid of our "stuff" and sell a 3700 sq. ft. home. Want a 40 ft. diesel and can't decide if we need to buy a small house for back up. We are 65 and 67 and wonder how long we could do it. Look forward to more reading and finding out where you are and what you are up to.