Friday, January 7, 2011

Hawaii...Here I Come!!

It's a done deal...I have reservations for Hawaii for me and my friend from Idaho.  I'm so excited I can hardly stand myself!!!  I haven't posted the last couple days because I've been emailing and talking on the phone to Nancy, my Idaho friend, trying to get things decided on.  We're going to stay in a one bedroom condo with an ocean view and about a 10 minute walk through Fort DeRussy park to get to the ocean.  Since Nancy has never been to Hawaii I suggested we go to Oahu since there's so much to do and who knows if we'll ever get back.  I base that statement on the fact that the last time I flew to Hawaii it was on a 747.  Remember them, those huge planes that looked like they weren't going to make it off the ground?  Yep, that plane.  This time we're going on a 767. As long as it's Boeing, I'm happy.  The last time I went to Hawaii I was working at Boeing and some guy in the factory was making and selling t-shirts that said, If it's not Boeing, I'm not going.  I was traveling with three other women who worked at Boeing and we all wore those t-shirts on the plane.  Nancy and I also met at Boeing many, many years ago.  

I think my last post about the fence was rather cathartic for me because I had decided that I was going to Hawaii whether Nancy went or not.  I'm glad she's going and I think we'll have a wonderful time. I also think this is where I start to do new and different things instead of remaining house bound.  I really appreciate all the comments and I realize that I'm not alone nor am I the only person with fears.  Thanks for sharing.  

A few years back when I attempted to start a smoking cessation business, I rented an office not too far from where I live and I met a lady who owned a travel agency.  I went to her for the Hawaii trip and I think I'll pick her brain when I get back for what else is out there...until I get my RV and hit the road. When I went to her office this morning she was planning a trip for someone to go to cooking classes in Italy.   

I went online and I now know when the three RV shows in Western Washington are going to be and I'm going to all three of them.  There's one in January, February and March and my trip to Hawaii is between two of them so I won't miss out.  

It might be hard to see, but my name is on that chair...that's my spot. That's where I'll be when I'm not doing the touristy stuff, of which I plan on doing a lot.  I didn't make it to the Polynesian Cultural Center the last time I was there and I will make it this time.  I want to go on a catamaran and a kayak. I'm going to go back to Sheree's (my travel agent) next week to find out what else is available for us to do while we're there.  

When I worked for a helicopter medivac company in Tucson, the director told me that his sister is a sculptor and did a sculpture of Jack Lord (Hawaii Five O) for the Hawaii Police Department.  I think I'll go check it out.  I just might run out of time with all the things I want to do. I know we won't be bored.

28 days until I fly to Hawaii!!!!!!




  1. Woo-Hoo!!! Oahu!!!

    Twenty-eight days is a great anticipation timeframe.

    Can't wait to hear your report about the RV shows when you get back.

  2. Whoo-Hoo!!! The one state I haven't been in, so I will be traveling there through you. I know you'll have a blast!!

    And congrats on the decision to go, solo or not!

    Another great RVing Women forum is at: (and not just for solo travelers but most are).

  3. Good for you! Sounds like lots of stress is gone and you're going for it!

    I'll be interested in your take on the RV shows. Take your camera and a notebook. Just like viewing a dozen homes-for-sale in a day, it'll be hard to remember which had what once you get home. :) Also, I really enjoyed a couple of the seminars at the last show I attended. They were free and very informative.