Monday, January 24, 2011

Oops...Wrong State

I had made plans with a friend to go with me to an RV show last weekend and I was pretty excited.  She knows nothing about RVs or RVing and we were going to have a great time.  Friday night I decided to go to Mapquest to figure out how to get there and to my surprise found out that the Monroe County Fairgrounds were in Michigan and I’m in Washington.  The fairgrounds I was planning on going to is located in Monroe but it’s called the Evergreen State Fair.  Now that I have that figured out I won’t be making that mistake again.  I felt pretty silly leaving her a message that I wasn’t willing to drive to Michigan no matter how badly I wanted to go to an RV show.  She thought it was pretty funny.  Our backup plan was to go to RV dealerships, starting with a Class B dealership that I’d been to in the past.  Only it wasn’t there, it’s a car dealership now.  In fact, we couldn’t find a single Class B to look at.

The area that I drove to, Fife, WA, used to have a ton of RV dealerships and there are fewer and fewer each time I go there and I find that depressing and sad.  Surprisingly, there was one with a huge Grand Opening sign but they didn’t have any Class B’s so we just drove in and then right out. 

Last week was a frustrating week for me.  I wanted to buy a USB cable for my new camera and went to the store where I bought it.  The young lady waiting on me told that I’d have to buy a package of three.  I told her that I only needed one so why would I buy three and I didn’t understand why they’d even offer it that way.  She went and talked with someone and came back with a deal that I could buy one USB cable along with something that I’d never heard of and couldn’t get the gist as to why I’d need it.  I then called around town and wasn’t able to find one.  I don’t like buying online because I use a debit card and feel uncomfortable using it that way.  I suppose I suffer from “I want it now” syndrome and don’t have the patience to order online.  However, I still don’t have a cable and if I’d gone ahead and ordered online I’d probably have it by now.  But, I have a one hour lesson on my camera tomorrow with the sales manager and I’m going to mention to him what happened with the USB cable and maybe he’ll sell me one.  One would think that considering what I spent on the camera they’d just throw the cable in for free. 

Then I decided I wanted to get a beanbag for my TomTom so that I wouldn’t have to mount it permanently in my car and could transfer it to my future RV.  You’re probably wondering why I was using Mapquest when I have a TomTom.  I was going to use my TomTom for the first time because I wasn’t sure where the fairgrounds were in Monroe and have Mapquest as a backup in case I screwed up.  I finally found the beanbag at Target.  When I got home I realized that there’s a small hook to hold onto the beanbag that needs to be mounted onto the dash so it’s not really transferable.  I guess I’ll hold off for my RV. 

My final frustration had to do with finding a replacement glass vial for my rain gauge.  I forgot to bring it inside when we had really cold weather and the water in it froze and it broke.  The nursery where I bought it doesn’t carry replacements so I went online.  The glass vial costs $4 and with shipping it would be $12.  I’m thinking I’m not going to be replacing the vial anytime soon at that price for shipping. 

Here’s more on the ongoing saga with the squirrels.  It turns out that the location of the bird feeder was too handy for the squirrels.  I got out my ladder and re-hung it so that they could no longer jump onto the bird feeder from the tree trunk.  It’s kind of a pain for me because now I'll always have to get the ladder out to refill the feeder, but I was pretty proud of myself in keeping the squirrels away.  Wrong, as you can see in this picture. 

Before leaving the house a few days ago I noticed a squirrel on top of the dome chomping away.  I got my ladder out and went and checked and they were starting to chew through the hook holding the feeder and squirrel repellent dome.  I took the whole thing down so that nobody could feed, birds and squirrels.  I went to the hardware store looking for something to save the hook and ended up wrapping a rough piece of material around it.  I haven’t seen a squirrel on the feeder lately so maybe I’ve won the battle. 

The good news is that I leave for Hawaii in eleven days!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunshine pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese,



  1. I don't think anyone ever truly wins against the squirrels! :)

  2. nice idea to go the RV show..too bad it was in the wrong state..we are heading south next month to come to the RV show in Seattle!

  3. Don't you just hate it when nothing seems to work smoothly? $12 to ship a small, light item is ridiculous!
    You're leaving Friday - that's tomorrow, because I'm writing this on Thuraday 2/3. HAVE A FABULOUS TIME, ENJOY THE WEATHER, AND DRINK AN UMBRELLA DRINK FOR ME! :)

  4. Hope your trip is a wonderful one for you.
    I have been finding so many new blogs lately and yours is one of them. I have never bought a camera that didn't come with a cord. I guess there is a first time for everthing. Does you computer have a place to put the card from you camera? if it does you will not need the cord.
    As I read down a few blogs I saw that you had trouble leaving a comment after you click post and it tells you it didn't go just scroll down and hit post again. I had to do that for awhile but now it works???

  5. Are you still in Hawaii??? Have you given up the RV plan? I'll buy mine this year, hope you are still planning to do the same. Or, maybe you have a new plan... I hope all is well with you and that you are just taking a break from blogging. I know how that feels!