Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Response to "Uncomfortable Question" Comments

Thank you all for your comments.  They were enlightening and confusing. Of course, when I set up my blog I had no idea what I was doing.  Merikay stated in her email that I had word verification and I went ??? So before starting this post I went back and checked my settings and realized that I do have word verification and...according to Google, I don't see it...and they're right and that's why I didn't realize I had it. Again, not knowing what I was doing, I don't see comments by email but on my blog only.  I didn't know comments could go to email.  Now I understand the permission part and I won't be irritated any longer.  

I'm still using the first cell phone I bought so even if I wanted to I doubt that I could read emails on it.  I'm kind of old fashioned and I don't want to be that available to anyone nor do I want to be able to read emails anywhere at anytime.  I think it would drive me crazy.  I'm also still in a "real" house and generally don't have internet problems.  However, today I had a horrible time leaving comments on other blogs but I don't think that was the internet, but then, what do I know.  

So thanks again for all your comments.

Sunshine pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease,



  1. There are some things that can be confusing on Blogger at first. I have had an interesting time fighting with it several times until I found what seemed to me to be a secret setting!

    I don't even have a cell phone at all! We had two some years ago, but didn't really need them. Now my husband has one and if I'm going somewhere where I might need it I borrow his.

    But I do know we will probably both have smart phones once we are on the road.

  2. glad you understand the settings now!!...have a great day...the snow is starting to fall here!

  3. Jeana, Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving messages. I appreciate the blogger world support right now. You're right. Checking email all the time can make one insane. Hold that boundary!

  4. One reason I chose to approve the comments on my blog is because they go to my email and I don't miss them! I love to read comments and don't want to miss any of them. The other reason is because I do get some "spam" comments on occasion. Comments that just ramble and you can tell they are written by someone that's first language is not English.

    I have mine set so that you DON'T have to type in that crazy little word...which drives me crazy!

    I got a Droid smart phone a few months back and LOVE being able to read emails and get on the internet with it. It's one of those things you don't realize how nice it is until you have it. Of course we are living in the rv now for the winter so it also allows me to tether it to my laptop.

  5. My cell phone is so old I'm on a party line. It's so old, it has a rotary dial. It's so old, it sends Morse code. It's so old, Marconi said it was obsolete.

  6. Har! You still have word verification on.

  7. ... not that there's anything wrong with that ...

  8. I'm guessing that because of that word verification thing, my comment didn't make it on to your last post. :( Ugh! I hate it, but I try to live with it. :)