Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why Won't He Call?????

He, is an RV salesman and I've sent an email and left a voicemail and haven't heard from him.  He, is the salesman that I dealt with back in October and November regarding the Magellan RV that is an upgraded version of the RV with the floor plan that I want.  It, the RV, has gone down in price $20,000 and it's still on the lot in San Diego. 

Having climbed the fence  that was holding me in (see 1/4/11 post...Inside the Fence), as proven by planned trip to Hawaii, I'm on a roll.  For some reason I decided to go online this morning and see if the RV was still available, not imagining that it would be and finding out that it is.  My excitement level just about went through the roof and I immediately sent an email to Cory (RV salesman).  When time went by with no response, I left a voicemail and still no response.  Maybe it's his day off.  Drat.  I want to talk to him NOW.  Having climbed the fence I'm ready to rock and roll and I can see myself on a plane to San Diego.  But I need to talk to Cory first and he's not responding. 

See what happens when one (that would be moi) makes up their mind? First, a planned trip to Hawaii; second, a hoped for trip to San Diego to maybe purchase an RV.  Geez, what's next?  I guess that would be renting my house so that I can hit the road in the spring after Snoqualmie Pass loses all the snow that it currently has and any future snow (it's in the forecast).  But, before that trip over the pass, there will be garage sales and packing and discarding and work, work, work.  

So, let's send positive vibes that Cory contacts me.  

Please, please, please, some sunshine,



  1. I can just see you flying to San Diego and driving your RV home. :)

    You don't have to talk ONLY to Cory - call the dealership and ask for someone to help you. Ask for Cory and if he's not available, someone else can help.

    If you're coming to San Diego, let me know - we can meet up.

  2. How come salespeople are never around when you actually want one?

    Can't wait to hear what happens!

  3. good luck..I hope he calls you back!..maybe he is on vacation..I vote for calling the dealership and just finding someone to help you!!!

  4. Ditto on call ing the dealership. If you want to see it, now may be the time!

    Oh I am so jealous. We seem so far away from the day.