Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Downsizing...Will it Ever End???

I hit a wall a few days ago and I've just been spinning my wheels.  At least that's what it seems like.  I've done a bit here and a bit there, but it doesn't feel like I'm getting anywhere.  However, the trips to Home2Home, Goodwill and the stack of packed boxes in the garage contradicts that.  My office is driving me crazy.  The piles of paper don't seem to be going down and I'm so tired of sorting, scanning and shredding.  Now I truly understand how wonderful drawers are.  With the desk that had the drawers being gone, there's no place for lots and lots of stuff and I keep looking at it and wondering what to do with it.  Donate it?...toss it???...what???  

Then there's the projects that comes out of nowhere.  I was looking out of my office window and noticed that something seemed to be dying...

Those are wooden blinds...not bars.  That side of the house is ignored because there's no access to the backyard and it's the forgotten side.  When I made my way back there this is what I saw...

It appears my neighbor had a tree trimmed...

and guess where a bunch of it landed? my yard.  So I got out my reciprocating saw and cut it up small enough to fit into my yard waste bin...

Not a very good fit, but at least it's on it's way out.  

Some days it feels like this is taking too long and other days I don't think I have enough time to get everything done.  Some days I wonder if I've gone crazy and question what I'm doing.  10 days and I should be on the road.

I seem to have acquired ADHD.  I run from here to there, get a small bit accomplished and take off on something else without finishing anything.  My attention span isn't.  It's lucky I've been able to sit here long enough to write a post.  In fact, I've been sitting here too long and I must go do something else!!!

I have new followers and I'll acknowledge you individually when I can sit for a longer period of time.  In the meantime, thanks for joining me on my journey.  The one where I truly hit the road in about 10 days.

Loving the sunshine,



  1. Just think about the 11th day when you are relaxed and watching the sun set .... this will all be a dream... you will marvel at all you accomplished...

    Kinda like when you had a baby... all the pain mellowed out... ;) well until teenagedom

  2. I might have asked the neighbor to clean up his mess, but maybe not. Sometimes it's just easier to do it yourself.

    I often have the same problem of jumping from one thing to another these days, especially if I'm feeling any pressure or stress. :(

  3. Jeana... the closer it gets to "take off" the more anxious you'll probably feel. But how exciting it will be for you to be so free.

  4. Ok, Jeana. During your next break from all that work you're doing, you need to watch this cute little YouTube clip that one of my Facebook friends recently shared. I'm sure many of us can relate!

  5. I too would think the neighbor should have cleaned up the dead branch.

    This is a very stressful time for you. Do the best you can. Keep at it every day, and if at the end there are things you just can't finish, well there is nothing wrong with putting it into a storage locker and sticking around in a local RV park for a few more days/weeks.

    Soon you will be free.

  6. You could be describing me today. I hate the paperwork, also. I have boxes for shred, recycle and scan and then I have to hide them every time someone calls for an appointment to look at the house. Sorting papers is messy work and hard to do when I have to keep the house so clean for showings. I do the same ADHD type of things, would be nice if we could just walk away from it all.

  7. one drawer at a time..take a breath!..just be thankful you are at this stage in your 'new life'!!..we so wish were able to do the same!!

  8. I believe you will get finished. And if not have a box ready to put the rest in and put it in the moving van. When you get to Tucson pull the box and finish it then. Your doing a great job. I know I keep telling you that but its true. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

  9. Not sure if my other post was accepted so please forgive if redundant - I'm new at this :-) I'm soon to be following in your road dust as soon as I get some property sales closed here in Edmonds, WA. I hope that 67 isn't too late to hit the road as a full-timer - but I'm sure as heck gonna find out. Jeana, never worry about the small things like two forward, one back - just concentrate on the absolute joy that is soon to decend upon you once you "get outta town" :-) Love your blog - watching for your next post - - - T (folks just call me T).

  10. I so hear what you are saying! Downsizing is the strangest experience we've ever had. While we have been embracing the idea the process seems, at times, like an out-of-body cinema scene.

    I never realized how much paper I have saved -- or for how long. In our case it's a little different in that we expect our daughter and SIL to buy our old schoolhouse (with it's 6500 sq ft of space and stuff) but dont feel bad about the attention span -- we're in the same boat.

  11. it will happen!!! our last two days was a frenzy of getting things to the motorhome and putting everything else on the curb...

  12. Take a deep breath and keep moving forward. You'll get there! I too have been downsizing and in the process "decluttering". It takes a lot out of you. But I can see progress. Take a look at how far you've come in your downsizing and give yourself the credit you deserve. til next time on the Blogs ~ Tricia (aka nwlambear)

  13. I'm here to say all that downsizing pays off! We moved from 1500 sq ft plus full basement into a class B then into a Winnebago View. We lived, two of us but no pets, in that View for 18 months and it was probably the best time of my life. I hope you enjoy it at least half as much as I did.