Sunday, December 26, 2010

Enough of the Squirrels...Already

This might be it for the squirrel saga.  The picture on the left shows where I first hung the cob for the squirrels.  As you can see, or not, as it is hard to see, there are two squirrels in the picture and one is working on the cob.  They're hanging around in my japanese maple.  The picture below left is the new location of the cob.  I think it was Merikay who mentioned on a previous squirrel post of mine, that she thought squirrels were more fun to watch than birds and I have to say I agree with her. Which I why I moved the cob away from the japanese maple so that I now have an unobstructed view, as seen on the right.

I had a lovely Christmas at my friends house.  I wasn't able to reach my son in Germany and when he called me back I didn't hear my phone ring, so we left voicemails.  Lynn fixed a fantastic dinner and I ate like a starving person...which I was.  I think I made up for not cheating at all this holiday season in one meal. The turkey and dressing were wonderful and I ate and ate and ate.  Then I decided to have some dessert, which I don't normally do, and had three 1" slices of pie...two pumpkin and one pecan.  At one point while I was scarfing down dressing and turkey I asked if anyone thought I could gain all the weight I've lost back in one meal and was assured that couldn't happen. Phew, what a relief that was to hear. So I kept eating.  You can bet I didn't miss my workout this morning.  I was tempted to not workout and then I remembered what I ate last night. 

Speaking of workouts, my trainer is leaving 24 Hour Fitness and starting her own business.  I went to check out her new location today and I don't think I'm going with her.  Right now the gym I go to is 1 mile from my house...her new location is almost 9 miles from my house.  Have any of you noticed the price of gas going up?  I don't think I want to drive 40 extra miles a week when I could get by with four.  In fact, I could walk it.  So why don't I?  I don't have an answer for that but I'll try to think of one.  

Someone asked me the other day what my New Years resolutions are and I don't have any.  The two biggies...weight loss...smoking...have been dealt with.  I quit smoking 16 years ago and I've been maintaining my weight for a few months now.  I've been working out in a gym since March '10 so I guess that's covered too.  Do you think not being wishy washy any more could be a resolution?  Any suggestions?  What are some of your resolutions?  

Some sunshine, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese,



  1. It all sounds good to me! A fabulous meal, working out, weight control, discovering how entertaining squirrels can be. I think that the opposite of wishy washy would be definitive. Does definitiveness fit for you as a goal? I've never been good at NY's resolutions. So unless something shifts dramatically this week, I won't have one.

  2. I hate new year resolutions. They always set you up to fail anyway. I am always dieting, I don't smoke, not sure what else I should stop doing, or start! :)

  3. Are you feeling a little squirrely?? :)

  4. No resolutions for me, I'd just break them anyway!

  5. I have got to try to get my eating under control.

    I try not to look in the mirror because I see an old fat woman!

    I am not comfortable at my present weight. I too gained when I quit smoking. Lost it, gained it back, lost it, and am now heavier than at any time in my life.

    I am not a whiner. I WILL take charge again.

  6. OMG! I just read your comment on my blog, and laughed for five minutes! Two cranes??? I'm thinking maybe you need a different pair of glasses! :) I'm still laughing!! I love it!

  7. Do you think not being wishy washy any more could be a resolution?

    Yes and no.