Friday, December 3, 2010

Eureka!!! My Reason to RV has Come to Me Courtesy of a Widget

After finishing my post yesterday I started reading updates of the blogs I follow. When I got to 2 Taking a 5th I noticed a new widget that said "Free overnight stops for all RVs at wineries and farms."  I checked it out and I'm excited.  I love wine.  I've only been on one wine tasting tour and it was last year when I was visiting my son in Germany.  We took a USO tour to this vineyard and I tasted the best wine ever. 

I haven't gone on any wine tastings because I worry about drinking and driving. If this trip was any indication, my fear is appropriate because there was a lot of wine to try and we did. 

Harvest Hosts will get me into an RV and on the road!!  Did I say I was excited?  I mean how wonderful to have an opportunity to taste wine and stay at a vineyard/farm free of charge.  I bet they won't all be free though because there will be wine to buy and who knows what else.  

I have a friend who owns a vineyard in Eastern Washington.  We met at graduate school and I was with her when she and her husband were planting their first grapes.  I emailed the Harvest Host information to her last night to see if it's something she might be interested in.  Since she is also a future RVr I thought this might be something she would like to participate in.  

I'm so excited that I was going to join right away.  Then I got to the part where they want the type of RV I have and the license plate number on it.  I guess my membership in Harvest Hosts is going to have to wait.

Just think of all the wonderful pictures I can take with my new camera.  I can document my way through the participating vineyards in Washington, Oregon and California.  

Did I mention that I'm excited?

I leave Sunday for Tucson and that's another thing to be excited about.  The place I'm staying at, Academy Village, is having a wine tasting Thursday night.  I just have to walk from the Cafe to the townhouse I'm staying at, so I think I'll go.  This could be the first of many wine tastings for me!!

More sunshine please,



  1. I saw that too! We both love to go wine tasting, and being that my Father is in the wine business in California, what better way to find a place to stay!


  2. So does this mean you are now leaning toward RVing rather than the house in Tucson? Inquiring minds want to know. :)

  3. I love wine too (and visiting wineries). Like you, when I found out about Harvest Host, I thought "perfect".

  4. Be sure to take your camera. The first in your wine tasting series!

  5. Oh I envy you. Both because you are quite close to making the decision and going on the road in an RV, and because you can drink wine! I had to give up all alcohol because of the medication I have to take for my arthritis (My choice wine vs. pain) and because I'm prone to gout.

    I love red wine. I hate pain. I don't thnk we will go to harvest hosted wineries because the temptation will be to great!

  6. happy wine-ing!!..sounds like a great time!

  7. Jeana, your post sounds like you found your happy place ... in a series of wineries. Good job!