Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I bought this bird feeder late last summer and until recently it's only fed birds.  I had no idea squirrels were so limber. The first picture is yesterday and the picture underneath it is today. I'm thinking no more squirrels. 

With today being the shortest day of the year I'm gratefully looking forward to longer days coming our way.  It'll probably be no surprise for me to say that Spring is my favorite season.  Dark and dreary just doesn't work for me.  I did get to wear my sunglasses for a few hours today and I hope that trend will continue.

I went to my Silver Sneakers exercise program this morning and we had a substitute.  I don't know how she did it, but I ended up feeling absolutely ancient.  I didn't like the music she played, nor the way she had us do the exercises.  Our regular leader pushes the envelope and treats us like we still have some life left in our bodies, plus she plays better music.  Fortunately, I think we only have her one time.  

My personal trainer informed me that she's going to be leaving 24 Hour Fitness and start her own business.  I'm bummed.  I love working with her but I have no desire to move to a different location.  The gym I go to is about one mile from my house and I like that.  I also need to remain a member of the gym to attend Silver Sneakers.  I think she's leaving the middle of January and I guess that means I'll be looking for a new personal trainer early next year.

I informed everyone in Tucson that I will not be buying a house, however, I will continue to visit if there isn't a limit for the Preferred Guest program.  It feels like that was the right decision.  Now that I have all that extra money I think I'll seriously look at a trip to Hawaii.  Some comments on yesterday's post suggested renting an RV and I'll look into it along with condos and hotels.  I might have a friend to go with me but I'll still go even if it turns out she can't make it.  

More sunshine please,



  1. I'll put money on the squirrels prevailing within the week. The most creative baffle-baffling I've seen involved two squirrels double-teaming the baffle for balance while one nabbed the goods.

  2. darn squirrels!!..hopefully your new attachement will work!!

  3. Yep, I'm thinking you are likely to lose the battle with the squirrels! :)

  4. Thanks for the mention in your post! Welcome back, don't worry, you won't lose any followers. We all take breaks - but it's hard to do when you post almost every day. I'm getting better at just posting when I want to, that makes me enjoy it more right now.

    I'm catching up with three or four of your posts. I think I'm glad you didn't get that house, it sounds like you aren't meant to buy in Arizona. Maybe just visit.

    My favorite place to live was Placerville, CA. It's on the Western slope of the Sierras, and the little towns around it are really neat, too. Coloma where gold was discovered (Sutter's Mill), Camino (Apple Hill), El Dorado (where the drink "Golden Cadillac" was born - yum!) lots of others. If you want a "get away" trip, think about driving down to that area. During Christmas time the residents get donated Christmas trees, and early one morning, they decorate them and put on lights, and line Highway 50 with them. It's really neat. I loved living there, and may go back to live some day. I'll definitely travel there in my RV and stay for a while.

    Remember, too, whatever you decide to do, you can always change your mind. Maybe you need to pick something and try it out, and see. If it's not what you want, try the next thing. That's what I plan to do. (I keep changing my mind about exactly what I want.)

  5. I hate it when the music doesn't make me want to DANCE!! How are we supposed to stay motivated. I get what you are saying, Jeana! Posting is 100 percent personal, your choice what to say, your choice how often to say it. We get to enjoy your willingness to share on your own terms. My rules for blogging!

  6. I am in Navarre, FL near Pensacola. At Navarre Bch there are lots of condos, probably easy to get a rental. It is cooler right now, yesterday was wonderful!! I expected ALL days in Florida to be like that, Today the wind is from the North and cooler, heat came on last night! Hope you get your sunshine!!!