Sunday, December 5, 2010

Posting from SeaTac Airport

Welcome to my latest follower heyduke50, another one of us with RVing in the future.  Thanks for your comment about my well written blog...that feels really good.  I just noticed a picture in my Followers that I'm not familiar with and that would be MidLiFe CrUiSER.  Thanks to you, too, for joining me.

I have actually found a quiet spot at SeaTac.  I just kept walking and walking south in the airport, away from Alaska Airlines gates, and found a nice quiet spot.  I'm able to watch the planes land and take off.   Typically, I get to the airport a whole lot earlier than I need to because I don't want to be rushed through security and I like to look in the shops and generally have a relaxed time before taking off.

This display hangs from the ceiling at SeaTac (where all the crowds are that I'm avoiding).  I never noticed before that it's a bird and it appears to be reflected in water. Maybe it's even catching fish.  Do you see that, or am I delusional?  For the longest time I just saw a bunch of things hanging down from the ceiling until I decided to take a picture of it.  That enabled me to see it in an entirely different way.

It's time to go get water and walk a bit more before I get on the plane.  I glad that I can sit here in the airport and prepare and write my post for the day.  I'm enjoying the view, inside the airport and outside the windows.  

I'm excited to be going to Tucson again.  I love the Southwest and I feel so good when I'm there.  

More sunshine please,



  1. What a cool picture of that. Sure shows how different perspectives can change what you see!

  2. Yes, I see it too. Here in Sacramento it is pouring. Hope that you have a comfortable flight.

  3. Soft landing with a sunny morning to look forward to.

  4. have a safe trip..enjoy your sunshine!!

  5. I see what looks like an eagle, and indeed it looks like he is fishing. Great picture.