Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winnebago View

I really enjoyed all the Costco comments yesterday.  I've decided that I don't want my new camera to leave my possession so I'm not taking it on my Tucson trip.  I'm referring to the airport when I have to walk away from it when going through security and I'm not willing to do that with a brand new camera.  It's bad enough to have to do it with my old Nikon and my laptop. So, pictures from my new camera when I return from Tucson.  Also, in answer to Malone's question:  Yes, I have a tripod that was my mother's and my new camera has two telephoto lens:  one is up to 55mm and then the other one is 55-200mm. They're going to be fun to work with.  

A couple days ago on the way to Whole Foods, I drove down our Auto Row and noticed a Winnebago View on one of the car lots.  I decided to stop by there today and check it out and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.  While I'm not in love with it, I'm seriously in like with it.  

The bathroom surprised me with the amount of room in it and the cupboards.  I won't bother showing the shower stall, but I think it would work.  

While there isn't a whole lot of room in the kitchen, once the slide is out, I think it's doable.  A decent amount of good sized drawers for storage are included, in addition to a pull out pantry.  For some reason, the picture with the sink won't download so I can't show it, so I'll move on to something else.

I think the largest thing inside is the TV!!  Talk about a large screen...that's larger than what I use with my laptop.  

I thought this was kind of clever.  The mattress is able to be raised and then hooked so it stays up.  Then it's easier to get up from the driver/passenger seats and walk to the back.  

What really surprised me was how quiet the diesel engine is and how I couldn't smell the diesel.  Even though the emblem isn't anywhere on the vehicle, the salesman told me that it's a Mercedes.  He also said it can get about 19 mpg.  One thing that I was disappointed in is the lack of automatic levelers.  Drive up onto levels are provided and that doesn't really thrill me.  

Asking price for this particular vehicle...$79K with 5,000 miles.  It's a 2010.

I had to wear my sun glasses for awhile today.  Walking outside I could actually feel a bit of heat from the sun.  Imagine what it'll feel like next week in Tucson!!

More sunshine please,



  1. I like the View too, but too expensive for me.
    Congratulations on your badge - 30 posts in 30 days, wow! You Did It! Are you going for two? I really liked posting every day and getting a badge.

    I did it twice, now I'm going downhill fast. I've been too busy lately to post much, and am even having problems keeping up with reading blogs. I'm sure it'll come back, though.

    Really enjoying reading your posts! Are you going for the x-ray or pat down??? I hope they just let you through.

  2. I think the views are great for a solo RVer., or for just vacation trips. My husband needs more room! But I envy you the freedom to be looking on your own. Have you ever been ripped off at a security gate? Seems like we can see our things going into the scanner and see them come out. How would you loose a camera?

  3. Don't worry about your camera @ the airport. I carry mine in its
    case, some want the case opened @ security,
    some don't. Not one problem at all!

  4. like or love?? close!..kind of like a love/hate relationship!..happy shopping when you get to Tucson!!