Thursday, December 23, 2010

Squirrels - 1...Human - 0

It took absolutely forever to upload these pictures so when I started this post, it was squirrels - 1...human...0, as you can see in the picture to the left.  Turns out the plastic dome does have a keeps some of the rain off the feeder.  Not the original purpose, but at least it's good for something.

When I was out and about this morning, going from hardware store to hardware store, I found the  "Big Ol' Kob"  that you can sort of see in the picture's for squirrels.  The directions suggested that I put some peanut butter on the kob to attract the squirrels, which I did, and it worked!!!  Now the squirrels are chewing on the kob instead of flying through the air to reach the bird seed.  This has been quite a learning process for me. I
had no idea what I was going to go through when I decided to get a bird feeder.  Some of you are probably laughing at me out there, and that's ok, because I'm on a bird feeder learning curve and it's been rather steep.  

I'd like to say more but I have to get ready to go to a friends for dinner tonight.  I offered to fix a sweet potato dish and I need to get started on it. 

The format for this post is really screwy and I don't have time to mess with it.  Sorry it looks so weird.   

More sunshine, pleeeeeeease!!



  1. dang squirrels!! looks fine!..have fun at dinner!!!

  2. I think you're on a steep squirrel feeding learning curve!! :)

  3. Blog looks just great! Hope your dinner was terrific and have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

  4. I agree with all the above! That's quite a big squirrel feeder - hope you'll be able to get some photos of the squirrels eating it. I love the photo of the one eating from the bird feeder. :)

  5. We have lots of squirrels and I am going to try your cob and pnut butter trick! Have a great Christmas

  6. Oh geez, I was talking to my hubby while I read the post, not really registered every words, and then moved on to the comments, saw the words "squirrel feeder" and "dinner", so I thought you were building a trap to catch the squirrel for dinner, LOL~

    No, really, one of my colleague does catch squirrels and cook them for dinner.

  7. I like squirrels just a much as birds. They enjoy a treat too and are often much funnier than birds!