Saturday, April 23, 2011

College of the Desert (COD) Street Fair

I was told by friends back home that I had to go to the COD Street Fair and today was the day.  I got there early enough that I got a decent parking place but what did it matter since I was going to be walking for hours anyway.  

This shadow box was my first purchase...

The artist, Deano Serkes...

Finding his work and talking to him at the beginning of my day at the street fair was perfect.   We found out we're both born in July and both love water.  Duh, of course we love water, we were born in July.  I have purple toe nails and he has blue.  He also lives in an RV full time!!  I got a hug from him before I moved on and it was a lovely start to my day, after purchasing my shadow box, that is. He held onto my purchase until just before I left so I got another hug!!  I guess I'm feeling hug deprived.

My next purchase was this lovely summer scarf...

and then this sun visor...

 This is how they look together...

Aren't my mannequins great?  A ceramic cat and wood giraffe.  I know, you'd never be able to figure out it was a cat because there was no head.  Sorry, it wouldn't fit. If I showed the cats head then part of the scarf was missing and the objective was to show the scarf, so, sorry cat.  

I was watching a demonstration on small pellets that absorb water and can replace soil in plants.  I was intrigued and thinking about buying a package or two, when a man who I think was part of the booth, lit a cigarette and all the smoke came into my face.  The smell was awful and I took off without making a purchase.  

OMGosh, I just heard a strange noise coming from outside, looked up and there was a road runner out on the patio...

I had to work really fast to get this one, but I got it.  How cool is that? I haven't seen a road runner for at least five years, the last one being in Tucson.  Now I'm wondering, am I right?  Is that really a road runner? Does anyone know for sure??? Judy???

OK, back to the street fair.  I've seen almost everything and have just a couple booths left.  This being one of them...

I love the barrel cactus, want one or two or three, but they won't fit in my suitcase.  I am going to have to drive back in my RV.

My last stop was at a flower stand...

I figured they'd have something that would look wonderful in the vase I bought yesterday and they did...

Leo the cat thinks they're pretty nice, too.  Unfortunately for him, I moved the flowers and vase out of his way.  I'm going to have to figure out a way to get this cat back home with me.  Yes, I'm a dog person but Leo has managed to work his way into my heart and I'm sold on him.  

The winds still haven't died down.  The weather person said it would happen today but not so far.  There's still nine hours left to today so I'll wait and see.

I really enjoyed walking the street fair and I might go back again tomorrow.  I don't have any plans for Easter so that will help fill up part of the day.  They're going to be open but I don't know how many actual booths will be occupied.  Doesn't matter, I'll enjoy the ones that are there.

Loving the sun,



  1. Glad you got to see the fair. I remember those barrel cactus, too, really loved them, although they probably wouldn't look quite at home in the Rocky Point forest so I managed to skip buying them. You got some neat stuff, now tell me where the shadow box is going to fit in your new motorhome?

  2. Ya did good at the COD! That sure looks like a Roadrunner to me!

  3. YUP its a roadrunner, we have a family of them living in the park in Tucson their neat buy they eat the baby quail.
    I love craft fairs and can't wait for them to get started up here in Lakeside/Pinetop.

  4. Oh and I love the shadow box and the flowers for that awesome vase.

  5. nice day at the fair!..your 'hugging salesman' sounds like he has figured out a way to make a sale!!

  6. A great street fair and a roadrunner all in the same day...pretty cool!

  7. The shadow box is a nice idea, love the loose rocks. And I enlarged seller's photo - the blue toenails, yep, they're blue. So funny.
    Sounds like a fun day, and great purchases! I love those kinds of events where you can find things that are new and/or different. Hope today isn't windy if you go back.
    Some cats are just a good as dogs. I've had a couple, and I have to admit, they are a lot easier than dogs. They don't BARK. (Sorry, Katie.)
    Happy Easter to you, Jeana!

  8. Another Judy weighs in: Yes, that's a roadrunner!