Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Found the Sunshine!!!

The people that I’m pet/house sitting for are wonderful and I’m going to be sorry to see them leave.  Since I’m here to housesit, it’s a given that they have to leave and so they will.  I think I mentioned that I met them through a friend of a friend so we met yesterday for the first time. 

They live in a Del Webb 55+ community in Indio, CA and I’m really liking it.  What I like the most, so far, about the area is the lack of traffic and I don't mean in the Del Webb community, although it's pretty quiet there too.  I was thinking with Palm Springs being a resort area that the traffic would be awful, but there isn’t any!!!  Coming from the Seattle area, that’s almost incomprehensible to me and I think I could get used to it.  I was told that even when the snowbirds are here there isn’t a traffic problem.  That amazes me and boggles my mind. 

Pool in backyard facing golf course
I’m going to be so spoiled by the time I go home.  This is one of the reasons…

and then this... 

Outdoor Spa

I’m in love with the idea of having my own pool in the backyard and when it hits the 90s this weekend I know where I’m going to be!!  Speaking of weather, I saw where it snowed in Bellingham this morning.  That’s north of Seattle, but still, snow on April 14th???? Go figure.  

View from backyard

As I’m writing this post I’m sitting here wearing a short sleeve blouse, sandals, capris, NO LAYERS, and NO GLOVES under a slowly rotating fan.  I didn’t need an electric blanket last night.  I’m feeling blissful.

Tai Chi

Here's one of the reasons I'm here.  This is Tai Chi...short for tiny chihuahua.  

Then there's Leo, a very large 13 lb cat...


And last, but not least...Lu Lu.  She's timid and spends most of her time hiding.  It's a good thing I have a telephoto lens since she was hiding under a chair and I couldn't get any closer to her.  

All in all, I'm feeling wonderful and loving the sunshine and warm weather.  No more complaining about the weather in Seattle.  I imagine  you'll be as glad not to have to read about it as I am glad not to have to be in it.  I know it was time for a change and since Seattle wasn't changing I'm glad I was able to get away.  

Happy in the sun,



  1. Oh my goodness, who could not get used to that!! That is where i would like to house sit!! Yes, would appreciate the blue sky pics for sure! So happy for you in getting the little RV and for you soon to be on the way.

  2. Yep - you found the sunshine all right. If I'm not mistaken Palm Springs is just about the sun-shiniest place around. One word of advice: SPF 480.

  3. What a wonderful way to spend some relaxing time. You can do lots of travel research for some of your future road trips!

  4. I could really get into a backyard pool as well! :)

  5. rainy and miserable here in Vancouver! are so lucky..what a great'job' you got there!..with wonderful surroundings! for the four legged fur children..I am sure that by the time the residents get home, they will all love you!..
    have some fun in the sun!..I know I sure would!

  6. What darling pets to sit! And such a gorgeous back yard - I could get used to that, too. I agree with Merikay, this is a wonderful time to organize and research and plan for your upcoming road trips.

    You sound very relaxed already. You should check out the RV parks in that area for future winter trips, like the park Rick and Paulette were in. I'll bet there are a few good parks there. Have you rented a car, or do you have use of their car to get around and do some sightseeing?

  7. OK, so do you need help watching those furry kids? I'm sure I can take a detour on my way to Lakeside. Whats a few hundred miles.
    I don't think I need to say enjoy yourself. :)

  8. Looks like a great place you're staying at. Wish we were back in Palm Springs too - and, we just left last week. The weather is a big reason we return to Palm Springs each winter and the other is we just like the area.

  9. What a great job you landed! We live in Oregon and have a backyard pool - we get the use of it MAYBE three months out of the nice it would be to have one where the sun shines. Hope you enjoy your stay with your new furry friends.