Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunny and Hot...Staying Inside

One thing about me and the sun...I love it when it's out and I don't have to be out in it.  Hence, the title of this post since I've been inside all day.  

Except for a quick trip to check out a store called Fresh and Easy and then the community center here at Sun City Shadow Hills where I checked out a couple books to read.  The store wasn't what I was hoping for but they had neat large cloth grocery bags so I got one.

Before I forget I'd like to welcome my two new followers:  Sara who it appears doesn't have a blog and Glenn from To Simplify... and nomadTunes.  Thanks for joining me.  I'll be hitting the road after I finish this wonderful pet/house sitting that I'm currently doing in Indio, CA.

My potato chips and wine dinner a couple nights ago freaked me out a bit so I spent a lot of time today cooking enough food so that I don't run out for awhile. Tomorrow I'm going to try and find a vegan restaurant called Native Foods Cafe because I understand their food is wonderful and I love vegetarian food.  While I'm not vegetarian I wouldn't find it too difficult to go that way, but I don't see it happening. Two of my favorite restaurants in Tucson are vegetarian and I'll be going to both of them this summer.  

I have to show you what fake grass looks like now.

I remember the first roll of grass I bought back in '93 to place outside my fifth wheel and it sure didn't look like this.  In fact, it looked so bad I bought fancy bricks to cover the dirt and put a fountain out on the bricks and it was pretty nice.  I was permanently located in an RV space so it wasn't a waste of money. 

I just remembered I was going to say something about the Prius I'm driving.  Talk about having to relearn operating a vehicle.   This is good though, it keeps the brain working.  I think it's probably similar to driving a vehicle in England or Australia where they drive on the opposite side of the road from us.  

First of all, this gadget is amazing...

If it's in my purse I just have to push the Power button to start the car, no key is needed...

That would be the round thingy to the left of the vent.  Down below the vent is the other amazing thing.  It stays in this position until I push it to go into drive or reverse and than it pops back to where it is in the picture.  Just below the button that operates the vent is a button with a white letter on it...that would be P for Park.  The way to be sure it's in the right gear is to look at the gauge that doesn't appear until the car is turned on...

It's a long ways away but I'm kind of getting used to it and I think I like it.  I'm not done.  That black gadget I mentioned a couple pictures ago...if I have that with me there's a button on the door handle that I push and it locks the car.  To unlock the drivers door I just have to touch the door handle.  Amazing.  Aaaaaand, it gets 44 mpg.  Wow.

I turned the heater on in the pool so that I can go swimming tomorrow!!!

Loving the sunshine,



  1. I agree, I love the sun and feel better when its sunny, but I can't sit in the sun. I am always looking for a shady spot when outside. It was funny when I would sit in the yard with my husband - he was in the sun and I was in the shade.

  2. We love our Prius. We are thinking about getting a trailer for it so we can take it along. We know a small Jeep like car would be easier to tow, but the 40+ miles per gallon is very attractive for running around when we park for longer periods of time.

  3. I love my Prius too! We drove it on a recent trip to Florida instead of our Class C, and the worst mileage we got was 46 mpg with the best being 51 mpg. With gas prices like they are, I feel very fortunate to be driving it. Oh, and when we came home, we traded our Class C for a B!

  4. I see you are thinking of coming to Tucson this summer? Have you ever been here in the summer before? Thats why I am running away tomorrow. It was 95 today and that is cool for right now. I have had enough triple digits to last me a few life times. Come to Show Low its so beautiful. I am actually in Lakeside the next town over.

  5. wow..that prius sure gets great gas mileage! for the sun?..I say hit the pool..and work on some tan the sun in the pool in the sun again and then the shade!!..repeat!!

  6. Gotta love all that Palm Springs sunshine and hot weather. I miss it already.

  7. Great blog. Looks like you are enjoying life. I always wanted to travel, too, but...on a sailboat. Bought the boat in '06 and left Portland, OR 2 years later. Love cruising in Mexico during the winter but it's way too hot in the summer so my (new) hubby & I bought a travel trailer and now do "dirt yachting" during the summer months. It is a great way to live! Keep enjoying life and writing about it!