Monday, April 4, 2011

RV Equipment Shopping...Expensive!!!


I imagine this sign is familiar to a few of you out there in RV land.  This is where I went on Saturday and this is where I left a lot of money behind.  

This picture was taken at the end of the shopping spree and I'm still smiling, so it wasn't too bad.  I took my friend, Kathy, with me.  She's also my pet/house sitter and will be at my house while I'm doing the same thing in California.  I rarely have pictures of me since I'm usually behind the camera, so she took this of me before we took off.  Notice the shadows...2 minutes of sunshine.  

I had a list of supplies to buy from the dealership where I bought my RV and most of what's showing here was on that list.  Have I missed anything?

Then there's the fun stuff, like a water fountain and outdoor rocker. The red fountain is for the motorhome.  I'm showing it against the one I use at home all the time to show the difference in size.  I found the red one at K-Mart on my way to picking up Kathy to go to Camping World.  I love water fountains and I keep finding ones I have to have, so I have quite a collection.  I'm only going to take the red one with me and I'll be able to use it inside or outside.  Right now I have it in my office and I'm using it to drown out the traffic noise. Nice.
The picture of the rocking chair isn't a very good one jammed into the RV like it is. However, it was raining outside and I didn't want to get my camera or the chair wet.  

This contraption is called a DRIZAIR and it's mainly for when I'm in California.  I don't know if I have to worry about moisture but I don't want to take any chances.  While I'm going to the storage facility daily and running the engine and heating up the interior, I don't think it's a problem.  But when I'm in California I won't be doing that, so that's why I got this.  I don't want to come back to mold and moisture.  

I have been looking all over the place for this duster and had no luck finding it until I went to Camping World.  That means that the duster I have was bought in 1993.  So, either they're really good dusters or I don't dust enough. Probably the latter. After I moved to Tucson and realized that dusting really didn't make a difference, I didn't dust as often as I would up here.  

I was hoping that I'd feel better emotionally after working out this morning, and I do (note smile in picture).  This was my last set.  I was supposed to take that ball and slam it into the ground,  do a squat to pick it up, then stand up and do the whole thing over again...30 times in 1 minute. FYI...the ball isn't very light. This was a "you've got to be kidding" smile since I've never done this one before.  I really enjoy my trainer and we do laugh a lot.  After my work out I went to the tanning booth and as a result, I feel rejuvenated.   This is the first time since 1993 that I've used a tanning booth.  I don't want to be lily white when I go to the pool in California or when I wear shorts. My legs are probably the whitest you'll ever see, before tanning, that is, so this is necessary.  Now  I won't have to worry about sunburns.  

I mentioned 1993 a couple times and that's when I pulled a fifth wheel and moved to Tucson.  

Sunshine pleeeeeeeeeease,



  1. Fun!!! I'm so excited for you - and not a bit jealous. Really :-) !

    Do you know about the Yahoo group for Navion/View owners? Here's the link:

  2. You look so good! Happy and getting fitter every day.

  3. Nice picture of you with your new girl :)

  4. You sure look great, Jeanna, all that working out is doing it's job. There will be more stuff to buy, there always is. Little things will show up and you will buy what you need, and maybe some that you don't. It's still fun.

  5. Sure looks like you did a job at Camping world.
    Your comment about dusting in Tucson made me laugh. Boy I know that all to well. I swear my house smells like dirt. So each day since Friday I have tackled another place or window I think is the problem, It seems to be a losing battle.
    Keep having fun and enjoy CA.

  6. looks like you left a 'wad of cash' at good ole camping world!..all the necessary items!!!..happy one wants lily white legs!!

  7. I think you look mighty pretty with your View, and fit! :)

    Happy (more) shopping!

  8. Really nice RV! You had fun shopping. I can tell! Isn't life just grand!?!

  9. It looks like we bought many of the same things. They have a store where I bought my motor home, and my son helped me get what we thought I'd need (with the help of the salesman). I have another list growing, though.

    I've been compiling/combining "lists" from forums - if you're interested I'll e-mail mine to you: What to do when leaving home/breaking camp, basic stuff/gear to bring, where everything is stored, how to "hook up" when arriving at a campground. You might already have it all since you had a fifth wheel. Let me know if you need a refresher and I'll send them along.
    Have a good trip to California! :)

  10. If you plan on camping at RV parks (or just plugging in anywhere), a polarity checker is a cheap thing that can save you from frying your electronics.

    [Note to self: Buy stock in Camping World.]