Monday, April 18, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes

The day I arrived here in Palm Springs/Indio Candace (the person I'm pet sitting for), took me to a natural food market and I saw a tube of Cranberry Orange Scones...

I love scones and cranberry and I couldn't quit thinking about them plus the fact that they're all natural.  So that means they're alright, doesn't it??? I found my way to the grocery store yesterday, bought a ton of healthy food and a tube of scones.  Shortly after I got home I cooked them and let me tell you, they were gone in record time...and they were fantastic.  While I didn't get sick I did get lethargic and just vegged for the rest of the day, which is why there was no post yesterday.  

I was at the 9:00 cardio group this morning at the community center and let me tell you, it was the most vigorous cardio group I've ever gone through.  It was definitely a step or two above what I experience at Silver Sneakers. I feel vindicated, though, so I've forgiven myself for my slip yesterday.  It was sure worth it.  I also know that I won't be buying any more because I like them too much.  While I love veggies, it's not quite the same.  I don't have a tendency to pig out on veggies like I did with the scones.  I wonder why that is.

OK, now on to other stuff.  This was the temperature yesterday...

And this is today...

It's also quite windy...

The sky is pretty brown today with all the dust in the air (not in this picture, but a few miles away from here).  I hesitated to get onto I-10 because I didn't want to get into a pile up should that happen, but it wasn't a problem...phew...big sigh of relief.  

Obviously, I don't have a whole lot to talk about because this post is mostly pictures, but aren't pictures worth a thousand words?  So far, 4,000 words and counting.  

Someone didn't have a very good shot as evidenced by the location of this golf ball...

It's right outside the window by the kitchen table where I've got my computer.  That's me waving to you as I took the picture.   I found the ball this morning so I think it's here because of a bad shot, not the wind.   It should be out there...

Yesterday I went swimming in the pool here at the house and for a bike ride later in the day.  Swimming was before the scones and the bike ride was after I came out of the scone coma.  It's been years since I've been on a bike and I enjoyed myself.  Candace left her helmet for me to use and it turned out to be too small.  I guess that means I have a big head so I went looking for her husband's.  It was a tad bit too large but it worked.  

That brown air I mentioned earlier?  It's here now.  I just went outside to see if the pond/lake/body of water has whitecaps on it and I'm still trying to get the dirt out of my eyes.  This is what the body of water looks like...

Not quite whitecaps, but it is rising over the edge on the north side of the picture.  I'm pretty sure the white bird is a egret.  

I'm going to post this now and then take the time to get caught up on what you all are doing out there on your blogs.  I'm so far behind.

Loving the weather,



  1. Beware of scones. They are just to yummy!

  2. Scones! Yet something else we have in common. In fact, just yesterday I bought Lemon Poppyseed Scone Mix (which is just as tasty as homemade, I think).

    Getting closer to maybe possibly perhaps purchasing that View. (If I do, that would make the similarities between us just downright eerie).

    Here's another one: I used to work as a travel nurse and 5 years ago I was looking at a contract in Palm Springs for the winter. On Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO), there was a house on a golf course that, I swear, featured the same pool in your photos. I can't remember now why I didn't go but it didn't have anything to do with the location and pool!

  3. Scones are so yummy!! Especially with butter or jam. Good for you for biking it off :)

  4. love scones too..boy would that tube of goodness be a whole lot of trouble here!!

  5. Picture on my blog was in Desert Hot Springs, this Winter. I can just FEEL your hot weather. It is 38 right now!

  6. I like your temperature better today than yesterday but it's still pretty hot. Good thing you have a pool...

  7. Yummie, sounds like we all love them.
    The weather forecast for here was windy but it was just breezy and 73. A bike ride sounds like something I should be doing.

  8. Scones are one of my favourites especially with blackberry jam.

    The wind can make a huge difference in temps in the desert - you just have to learn to like it!!

  9. I don't think I've ever had a scone! It sounds like everyone loves them.

    I hope your wind dies down - the temp looks good though. Maybe you'll have a calm, warm evening, sitting by your pool, watching the golfers as they play past you. Won't that be nice! :)

  10. I like the looks of your rig. I think you have made a good lifestyle choice.

  11. ahh from one vegan to another potato chips are the ruination of it all--lol so this is my NO CHIPS month of course I will fill the void with some other foolish food..and Im dog sitting next week too--but no pool or golf course--but in the Mountains so hiking will happen!