Friday, April 22, 2011

Thoughts on Palm Springs...After a week

Turns out that the lack of traffic on my arrival day was just a fluke. Bummer.  It isn't too bad, so don't take that as a complaint.  I've noticed that the area is big on four way stops...not my favorite way to stop.  It just amazes me the audacity of people who pull up to a four way stop with the intent to turn but don't use a turn signal.  I just want to get out of my car and throttle those people, but my mom taught me better so it won't happen.  

We've had some pretty severe winds the last four days and it's predicted that it'll end tomorrow.  We're also looking at 98 degrees next week.  I'll let you know what I think of it since that's part of being back in the desert...can I stand the heat after being back in the Northwest for five years???  Oh, yeah, I almost forgot...gated communities.  They're all over the place.  Last but not least, the speed limits here.  Now I understand why Californians go so fast in Washington.  First of all, they're probably gnashing their teeth and cursing like crazy because our speed limits are so much lower.  I was on the 111, that's what they call it...the 111, and the speed limit was 50 mph or higher.  The question running through my mind the first time I drove on it was how the heck do I find anything cause I'm going too fast to see what's around.  I'm used to lollygagging as I drive down the street...not the speed limit, or higher, or get run over.  I'm adjusting.  

After I bought Olivia, while at Camping World spending a good portion of my life savings, I picked up a brochure for an RV park called Two Springs RV Resort.  

I wanted to check it out because the RV lots are for sale and I hadn't heard of that before.  Driving on I-10 was a whole lot of fun because of the strong winds and I think I was fortunate not to get blown into another lane.  Remember, I'm driving a Prius right now and my sense is that they're not all that heavy, like my Volvo or View RV would be. Since I'm sitting here typing my post I guess that's a good indication that all went well.

Right now the resort has 197 sites and will be adding 194 sites in a future expansion.  The sites are approximately 2400 square feet, or 45' wide and 50-56' deep.  Here's an undeveloped site with the Prius in it. I guess it would have made more sense for me to take the picture straight on, but I didn't, so sorry.

Here are a couple sites that have been developed...  

Here are some of the amenities...

This is the view across the street...

I have never seen so many wind turbines in one location.  

Lot prices start at $44,950 and go up to $62,500.  Annual maintenance dues are $2400/year which includes garbage, sewer, maintenance of the resort, administration of the resort and property taxes.  It's located in Riverside County and they only allow RVrs to reside in the park for 9 months a year.  Mark, the owner, told me about some really expensive resorts that I'll be checking out later.  I have to find them on Mapquest first, then I'll report on them.

I made it to Native Foods Cafe today.  I mentioned it a couple posts ago and said that it was vegetarian and the selections sounded wonderful. Not only am I learning a new area but to get to the cafe I had to read my directions backwards and that was a major  challenge.  I never realized how difficult it could be to flip my brain upside down in order to find my way around, but with a couple wrong turns and one phone call, I made it.  The address says it's on El Paseo, so while driving down El Paseo looking for the number it wasn't where it was supposed to be. Turns out it's a number of businesses in a row with a split in the middle. The cafe is located in that split.  Go figure.  

Lunch started out with water until I saw a glass with a gorgeous red color to it.  I asked what it was, found out it was Native Iced Tea and decided to go for it. It was made with organic hibiscus tea, wild berry tea and sweetened with organic agave.  It was wonderful.  

My meal was the Portobello and Sausage Burger and it was fantastic. The description read like this...juicy grilled portobellos, our homemade Native Sausage Seitan, caramelized onions, pomodoro, sweet roasted garlic, creamy pumpkin seed pesto and mayo.  I will go back.  Not only did I have a fantastic lunch but I got to sit outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After lunch I decided to walk around and see what the shops were all about.  I bought this flower vase for Olivia once I hit the road...

It's plastic and is able to hold water.  There's nothing breakable and I thought I'd be able to find a place for it since it's not too large.  

I went into a gallery and fell in love with an oil painting that was gorgeous.  It was steps going up surrounded by fields of flowers.  It was probably 6' tall and 4' wide for only $6900.  I passed.

I think that I'll go to the College of the Desert swap meet tomorrow. Friends back home told me I have to go to it, so tomorrow it is.  I'll take my camera and report back with pictures.

Loving the sun,



  1. The way they talk about highways down here IS strange. In one sentence I could say, I like Highway 50 but the 5 is too crowded. The 10, the 8, etc. It's all about dropping the "Freeway" or "Highway." When I moved down here to San Diego, it took me a while, but now I do it, too. When I moved back north, I was saying, "the 50," it takes a while to revert to the local lingo.

    I like those lots - I don't know about the price, but they look really nice.

    Good looking vase - isn't it fun to get stuff for the new RV? I haven't gotten any decorative things yet, but have bought some storage containers and kitchen appliances that are a smaller scale than my home ones. I'm spending so much money on insurance, road service, etc., I won't have any money left to decorate! :)

  2. sounds like you are adapting well to life in 'the gated community!'.fast roads and all!..just think of the suntan you will have when you return to the Northwest!

  3. You'll probably like the College of the Desert fair, there's usually something for everyone there.

    Nice looking RV resort.

  4. I think it's interesting to get a different view of an area. Rick was just there as you know. Yours is from a woman's eye!

  5. I haven't been to CA in years and years and sorry I have no wish to do so because of the way they drive. But you seem to be doing great good for you.
    I love the vase and the fact that it is plastic. I don't have much room for table decor but I have hung some things up.
    The lunch you had sounds realy good.

    And people who don't use turn signals should lose their license.

  6. Wondered about the lack of traffic, when u 1st got there as i never noticed any lack of...!!! And the wind, oh, the wind!!! But i do miss it and hope to get back there and do things i missed the 1st time! Have FUN!!!