Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day Two of Moving Sale...Disappointing

It was a really slow day today and that's disappointing to me.  Don't these people realize how much work I've done to get ready?  Not their fault, my expectations are probably too high.  While I've gotten rid of a lot, I think there's more left than what I've gotten rid of.  I'm also thinking that I recycled too many boxes and I might not have enough to pack up the leftovers for Goodwill and Salvation Army.  

I "almost" sold one of my yard art bowling balls and a picture my mother painted. But almost doesn't quite seal the deal, so, no sale.  

I suppose the most interesting part of the day were the conversations I had with some of the people who showed up.  One older woman seemed quite concerned that my mother had six Coach purses, three each of two different styles.  It didn't stop her from buying one, though.  

A friend joined me in the afternoon and that helped pass some of the time. There were long gaps between when people showed up and I used the time wisely, i.e., reading RV blogs and commenting!!!

I had to move a heater out into the space where I was sitting because I was cold. It took forever for the sun to come out today but it finally made it around 5 PM.  I was done by then not that any sun came into the garage, but it would have felt warmer.  I was just out in my backyard soaking up the rays while I could.

I don't have much more to share tonight so I'll close for now.  Hopefully, I'll have a ton of people show up tomorrow and I won't have anything left.




  1. Coach purses sell good on e-bay...just saying..

  2. You can't sell things if there are few or no customers. For the next one you may want bigger, bolder signs, and plan to bring some of the more eye catching stuff out of the garage and into the light. Look at what you have tomorrow and ask yourself what you could have moved out. Weather proof and easy to move? Do you have somethings that can be seen from a car driving by?

  3. So sorry it isn't going better for you. Merikay has some good points. Some people drive by a sale and if they can't see the goods, they keep right on driving. Hope tomorrow is better and you sell tons of stuff.

  4. Hope tomorrow is better for you. Maybe you should put some stuff in the driveway so people can see them like the others have suggested.
    Good Luck

  5. That was the worst part of preparing to come out here...we now believe if we ever have to sell it all again, we would hire someone to do it for us. Good luck with the rest of the sale days!