Monday, August 15, 2011

Life After a Moving Sale

Yes, there is life after a moving up the garage.  My goal was to get the tool stuff boxed and I met that goal, plus I'm able to park my SUV in the garage again!!!  It's also loaded up for a trip to Goodwill tomorrow.  I have five boxes packed with lots more to be done and I'll either take them to Goodwill or have Salvation Army come pick them up.  I have to keep working on getting rid of the stuff before I talk myself into taking it back into the house.  The gentleman, Mike, who said he'd come back today, did come back.  His purchase took me over the $400 mark, so I think I did pretty good, especially since I didn't think I had done very well.  I must have lost track of how much was going out.  I guess that's my gas money to get to the RV Maintenance Boot Camp this weekend and back.  

I stopped by the consignment place I emailed a couple weeks ago about my living/dining room furniture.  Since they never responded my plan was to go there with my computer which has pictures of the furniture.  Unfortunately, they were closed today, so I'll go again tomorrow.  

Besides having some extra money, I think the next best part of the moving sale were all the conversations I had.  I love talking to people and I find myself not involved in too many conversations and I feel lonely a lot of the time.  I imagine that will change once I hit the road and start staying in RV parks.  I know writing a blog and reading and commenting on other blogs is a conversation, of sorts, but I love the verbal face-to-face once in awhile.

Having said that, I'm suddenly feeling wordless, so that's it for now.

Lovely day here today,



  1. Congrats on a successful sale! It's great to get things cleared out and get some money in the process.

  2. $400 + is a good sale, especially when it doesn't seem like much is gone!

    In answer to your question about making turns, No I have not tried a right turn yet. I think that won't happen until we actually have our own and I can practice in a parking lot. The side vie cameras do help a lot.

  3. You made your gas money for the trip to the maintenance boot camp. I think learning all that you can is good. It costs so much to have the least little thing fixed.

  4. I'd say you did o.k. since it's stuff you really didn't want to keep.

  5. Just found your blog. Getting rid of stuff was one of our great joys when we started full timing. It seems that there is some freedom involved in letting go.

  6. $400 is nothing to sneeze at for sure! I would do that every weekend if I could...