Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fixing an Eyesore...I Hope

This is the eyesore I'm talking about... 

and this...

When there was still grass in the area next to the driveway, the pipe sticking out of the ground wasn't as noticeable. It's also been there for as long as I can remember. 

My friend, Denny, who helps me with construction projects, suggested it might belong to an old oil drum.  OK, that works for me because I really have no idea.  He also suggested that it be shortened, capped and covered with dirt.  I agreed and he did that for me a couple weeks ago.  

The ugly brown spot is the size of my 1994 Volvo sedan.  That's because I parked it next to the driveway so that my dad or I could get his car out of the garage.  I hadn't had the extra parking put in yet on the other side of the driveway...

so that was my parking spot.  After I got my new Volvo I kind of kicked the old one to the curb and ignored it until I donated it to NPR.  As a result, a major eyesore that I've also been ignoring.  I like projects inside the house more than outside so it was easy for me to ignore.  And every time I came home I'd pull right into the garage and continue to ignore it.  If I can't see it, then there isn't a problem...right?  So, a whole lot of ignoring going on.  

When Denny mentioned that there was probably grass seed similar to the type sprayed on lawns I went looking for it.  I'd gotten five bags of topsoil because he wasn't sure how much he'd need to cover the pipe and he barely used one bag so I had all this topsoil hanging around.  Instead of returning it to Home Depot I decided to use it today...

Topsoil put to good use...

Patch Master grass seed put to good use (I hope)...

We're still having lovely weather here in the Seattle area and I think this is going to be a good time to try and cover up the dead spot.  We're supposed to have sunshine every day and we might even get up to 80〫or higher next week.  

Drat, I just realized something.  I'm leaving Sunday for OR and now I'm going to have to ask my house/dog sitter to water for me.  It's supposed to be watered twice a day and I'm hoping this will work (become grass) and I don't want it to dry out when I'm gone.  

I'm sitting out in my backyard now with my dog next to me.  I'm trying to ignore the music coming from the house up and over one.  I'm sitting pretty close to my noisy fountain and I can still hear it once in awhile.  Because it's so noisy out front due to constant traffic, I love to go into my backyard and enjoy the peace and quiet.  When I hear neighbor noise, I get bummed, especially when it's their choice of music.  I don't want to listen to their music, I want peace and quiet.  It feels so good out here that I'm going to do my darndest to ignore it because I don't want to be driven into the house.  

About leasing my house furnished.  I mentioned that to my property manager awhile ago and she said no.  She said most people have their own furniture and don't need a furnished home. 

I had a brainstorm this afternoon. I'm going to see if I can find an organization that provides furniture for women starting over for whatever reason and are in need of furniture.  I'd feel better donating it to that type of organization rather than Goodwill or Salvation Army, if it  comes to that.  I'd still like to be able to earn some money from it, but if I can't, I can't.  

Loving the sunshine,



  1. I think you should be able to find an organization that helps women set up a household. That's a good ides.

  2. Please keep us informed about every aspect of leasing your place. Some of us may have to do the same thing.

  3. Great idea for the furniture donation! I'm sure there are many women trying to rebuild their lives that need furnishings. (And we could sure use it down here in the South with the tornado recovery still in progress).

  4. I like your idea for donating your furniture. There must be some kind of women's shelter that would love to get a donation like that for a client. Good luck. (I don't like hearing the neighbor's music either!)

  5. Sounds good to me too, but Salvation Army does good work too.

  6. Here is Tucson its called the Women in Crisis. When my dad passed away we donated almost all the household goods to them. They were so happy to have it. They will take just about anything as long as it isn't falling apart. I like donating things to places that do not charge for the items.

  7. we sold all our furniture on Craigslist and put the remaining "useful" stuff we had on

  8. I was thinking something similar for the furniture - I thought the large dining room furniture would be good for a halfway house, or somewhere that a group lives. I like donating to women's organizations even better. Make sure you get the donation tags for your taxes.

    If you have an iPod or MP3 player, put it on in your garden and listen to your own music or a book on tape. You won't hear the neighbor's music and you'll be enjoying your own.