Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Olivia Went to the Dodge Dealer Today

Even though Olivia is a Winnebago, I had to take her to the Dodge dealer  to have the parking brake and battery problem checked out because she's built on a Dodge Sprinter chassis.  Everything is fine.  The emergency brake was loosened a tad bit so it should be easier to release it.  However, when I got back to Public Storage, after I entered my code and tried to release the emergency brake, the light remained on.  I'm hoping that was just a fluke. As for the battery, I learned something new.  Underneath the driver's dash is a plug.  If I'm not going to be driving Olivia for a week or longer, I'm supposed to pull that plug and it separates the motorhome from the battery.  After I did  that, locking the doors became a challenge because the remote wouldn't work.  So I plugged the plug back in, went inside and closed the door so that the steps would retract and then I locked the doors.  I exited through the motorhome door and not the cab and ended up locking that door with a key.  Whew.

I got some rather disturbing news from a friend yesterday.  She had offered to drive my Volvo down to Tucson while I drove Olivia and now she won't be able to. It's not an insurmountable problem because I could drive either one down, fly back and then drive the other one down.  But, I'd rather not have to do that.  So I have to rethink how to get two vehicles down since my Volvo is too heavy to be pulled behind Olivia.  

I'm outside again with my Mifi.  When I was outside yesterday I had a slight recollection that if I plugged my Mifi into my computer with a USB cord that it would charge the Mifi.  I went looking for the USB cord, found the box and it wasn't in there.  Two days after I bought it I took it back to the Verizon store for help and I'm thinking that it was accidentally not repacked into my box before I left.  The lady who helped me was not working today but the other lady must have believed me and gave me a USB cord.  That was good.

I have a HUGE personal challenge coming up on August 21st.  I'm going to an RV maintenance boot camp that RVing Women is offering.  Originally, we were supposed to be boondocking but that got changed recently.  Now we're going to go to Riverbend Resort in Harrisburg, OR.  I understand it's next to the Willamette River so that should be lovely.  Here's my challenge...driving I-5.  I do not like I-5,  I like I-90, but that won't work for this trip.  

I don't know where the fear came from unless it was 10 years living in Tucson and rarely getting on the freeway.  If I did, then it was I-10 or I-19 and neither one of them is like I-5 in the Seattle/Tacoma area.  I've driven from Seattle to Tucson and vice versa many, many times without any fear so, again, I don't know where this came from.  

I've been practicing and I'm getting better.  I imagine when this trip is behind me I'll be a whole lot better.  As I sit here thinking it about I'm realizing that I think it's the speed.  As you know, probably the majority of the drivers are driving over the speed limit.  There seems to be a huge rush to get to wherever they're going and you'd better not get in their way.  I'm not in that kind of a hurry and I don't like to be pushed.  Now that I've shared my fear, I'm hoping that it will lessen because I'm no longer holding onto it.  

My husband and I lived in my parent's house (now my house) around 1974-1976.  I made these curtains for the garage door then...

I was sitting outside  looking at them a couple days ago and decided that they have to go, so I did this...

It's a spray that frosts the glass.  There are two doors leading into the garage, this one from outside and another from inside the house.  I removed wooden shades off the other window ages ago and frosted it and what a difference it made.  It really lightened the short hallway from the garage to the kitchen.  When I go out into the garage now, at first I think I've left the door open because it's so light in the corner where the door is.  

Last weekend there was a huge Arts and Crafts fair in the city I live in. Some of the ladies I met at Silver Sneakers were planning on going and invited me to go with them.  Because I do so many things alone I decided to go with them and ended up regretting that decision.  Not because I don't like them, not at all, but because we seemed to spend so much time looking for each other so that we could stay together.  I did accomplish what I wanted though.  I wanted glass balls that float in water...

Right now, mine are floating in air because I don't have a large enough fountain for all of them...

Unfortunately for me, these are hung right where my hose is and I usually hit my head on the holder when I come up from pulling out the hose.  Since we're having such lovely weather now I'm watering my plants every day. I've finally figured out how to not hit my head.

Before I sign off I want to mention that I'm catching up on all your blogs one at a time.  I'm really enjoying catching up but it's taking awhile because I've been gone longer than I realized.  I hope to never do that again.  The more I read the more anxious I am to get going.

Loving the sunshine,



  1. If there is a passing lane on I-5, just stay in the right lane and travel at your own speed - I think the minimum on most highways is 45, you can just go 55 - even if the speed limit is 70. Let them pass you. I have a hard time with this, also. Especially if it is just one lane in each direction and the line of cars behind me gets long - then I try to pullover somewhere and let them pass me.

  2. I'm with Teri. Don't let the speeders intimidate you. Just take your time!

  3. You know, i drive what i am comfortable with. I start out at 50, always in the farthest righthand lane. As the day goes on i will gently get up to 55-62. People just go around. I feel like i am out of control going any faster, especially right at the beginning of a day. I am sure they are all cursing me, but that is their problem. When on two lane roads, i pull over as allowed and let traffic go by me. I pay taxes too and want to be safe. That is my driving/speed story :)

  4. As the others have stated, drive at your comfort level.
    Also have you ever heard of streets and trips. Its a great program for mapping out your trip on the computer and lets you pick out the best way for you. I wish I would have found it before I bought my tom tom, you can buy either just the dvd or the one that comes with a gps and you can download your map to it. I found it at Best Buy.

  5. We don't really like travelling the I-5 Seattle,Tacoma, Portland area...well, at least I don't like it!..last time we went through we drove early early in the morning..much better and way less stressful!..I agree with all the other comments..stay in the far right hand lane and travel at a speed you feel comfortable at!!!

  6. You can do it! Just stay in the slow lane and go your own speed. Don't let speeders hassle you.

    You can do it!

    I drove a diesel on the freeway today! First time behind the wheel. If I can do that, you can do it!

  7. I've driven 65 on the freeway, and I've driven 55. I much prefer driving 55. Stay in the slow lane, other cars will just go around you. I haven't had anyone act like they were upset with my slower speed, I think they just want to get by us so they can see the road ahead.

    Keep an eye on the on-ramps in your side mirror, though. If someone is coming on when you're passing the on-ramp, watch them to see if they are going to try to speed up and pass you. In the beginning I slammed my brakes on a couple of times so I wouldn't hit them when they made a last minute decision to speed up.

    When I'm on a two lane road, I pull over a lot. There seem to be lots of places to pull over and some roads have passing lanes, too. Everything is easier once you've done it. :)