Saturday, August 6, 2011

Garage/Estate/Moving Sale Preparation Has Started

I started outside yesterday, cleaning out and sorting for a garage/estate/
moving sale.  I'm afraid it isn't going to be pretty.  Yesterday I felt really positive and raring to go.  Today, I'm kind of dragging.   Hence, writing on my blog.

You know how the more storage you have, the more stuff you have?  Well, there's a ton of storage at this house and it's pretty much filled. My dad had this added to the back of the garage...

This stuff...

came out of here...

The other half has the lawn mower, some yard tools and pots for plants.

A lot of it isn't mine, but my parents.  So far, I've focused mostly on the inside of the house and now I understand why.  Let me tell you about the tools.  Between my dad's and my tools I have so many duplicates that I'm going to have to line them all up and find out just how many I have and then decide how many I truly need.  Since I'm also downsizing I'm thinking one of each might be just about right.  

They were this close... 

The Blue Angels that is.  Our weather changed from 80s on Thursday to 60s on Friday with lots of clouds.  Therefore, the Blue Angels had to fly their low show and four of them were sideways on the other side of these trees in my backyard.  Notice, I didn't have my camera ready when they flew by.  When I did have my camera they became camera shy and I never saw them again.  

OK, enough lollygagging...I have to go sort and purge, etc.

I don't know if I'll have the energy to post anymore today.  

Missing the sunshine,


PS:  If you're in the area and want to help, I'd really appreciate it.  I'm having trouble keeping on task.  


  1. Jeana - I've lost all my e-mails/contacts - AOL : ( - and you don't have your e-mail on your blog - can you e-mail me? I'd love to meet up somewhere in Oregon or Washington if we can work it out. :)

  2. I would love to help if I was in the area. So much easier to organize anywhere else than in your own backyard.

  3. Ah, but now that place is empty! Don't put anything back!

  4. I hate to have to admit this but your shed looks good, you don't have anything really. Your lucky if you can fit a tooth pick in mine and we had a huge clean out last Nov. :(

  5. We had tons of stuff inside several big storage areas....and we got it all sold. You can too. If things are priced low enough (or free) people will take almost anything. We had people take old paint off our hands. Some of it was in rusted buckets. We gave it to them for free, and it was good for us to have it gone. Hang in there and try to stay on task. I know how hard that is. We found we worked better under pressure (like when we had a contract on the house and the closer to closing date the easier it bacame)